The Mystery of Ron Paul's Collapsing Eyebrow

Jim Newell · 10/13/11 01:13PM

Okay, sorry, this post probably should have been tagged "NSFW" due to the large image of an old man's melting face. But let's move beyond courtesies: Was Ron Paul's eyebrow collapsing during Tuesday's debate? This image appears to show a fake eyebrow just stone cold fallin' off.

Soldiers Are Metrosexuals Now

Hamilton Nolan · 10/13/11 10:38AM

Following the U.S. Army's establishment of a wuss workout program and, more broadly, the year-long erosion of American masculinity, it's little wonder that our nation's fighting forces are now more concerned with eyebrow grooming than with removing the digits of enemy soldiers to bring home as souvenirs. Is America's metrosexual Army going to be able to endure the harsh skin-drying effects of the Middle Eastern climate?

Take the Male Eyebrow Pledge and Save American Masculinity

Hamilton Nolan · 03/10/11 02:39PM

Say it with me, men: "I am proud of my eyebrows. There are many like them, but these eyebrows are mine. I pledge not to pay money to somebody in what is basically a salon (no matter what ridiculous name they may give it) to fuck with my eyebrows. If they get really out of control, well, that's what clippers are for."

Andy Rooney Lectures Us About Dieting

Matt Cherette · 10/10/10 10:42PM

Breaking: Andy Rooney is still a nearly unintelligible curmudgeon! Tonight on 60 Minutes, Rooney launched into a random rant about dieting before he declared that he plans to lose 20 lbs. before Halloween. Uh, by shaving his eyebrows? Video inside.

Eyebrow Waxing Prank

nightintern · 05/07/10 10:30AM

This guy has the bright idea to wax off his girlfriend's eyebrow while she is sleeping. Needless to say, she's less than thrilled with the new look.

If We Don't Get Our Priorities Straight Then Boy, Watch Out

Hamilton Nolan · 09/18/09 01:19PM

The Way We Live Now: Misprioritized. We blow our emergency cash on suits. We spend all our time thinking about the lottery. We acquire stress ulcers while our wealth actually grows. Straighten up and fly right—for America.

The War on Eyebrows, The Opening of Hollister

cityfile · 07/16/09 07:33PM

• Eyebrows are no longer cool, apparently. Time to invest in a new pair of tweezers! [NYT]
• The CFDA and Vogue announced the 2009 Fashion Fund finalists today. [Vogue, Cut]
• Back in May, it was rumored that Stefano Tonchi, editor of the Times' rapidly shrinking T magazine, was heading out the door. Now the rumor is he's taking a top job at Vogue. [FWD]
• No, Baywatch wasn't filming in Soho today. The dudes dressed as lifeguards were promoting the new Hollister store on Broadway and Houston, which officially opened today. [Racked]