This Will Work: Pulling a Gun on a Fellow Driver

Christopher Han · 11/28/10 03:25PM

On a highway in Europe we see a Polish driver side by side with a German truck. Are they racing? Perhaps. Will pulling a gun out give you a "competitive advantage?" In a word, yes.

Kite Boarder Jumps Over a Pier

Mike Byhoff · 11/18/09 11:52AM

This Kite Boarder uses the power of wind, technique, and being totally freakin' extreme to defy gravity and jump over a pier.

Eco-Hippies Mourn Dead Trees—To the Extreme!

ian spiegelman · 09/06/08 09:41AM

Yes, deforestation is a terrible problem and may ruin the earth, but this is just a bit much. Members of the environmentalist group Earth First communed in the woods of North Carolina recently to scream and cry at the tops of their lungs for the brethren flora. Either that, or some hoaxers created a prank video to make Earth First look even whackier than it already has with its "tree sits" and such. I can't decide. Judge for yourself after the jump.