Vogue Subtly Endorses Barack Obama

Rebecca · 03/14/08 01:50PM

Historic moment alert: The cover of the April issue of Vogue has a black man on it. Yes, not a white man or a black woman. We've seen that before, if infrequently. You know who else is a black man? Barack Obama. Hillary Clinton is a woman. And the only thing Vogue hates more than t-shirts that change color with heat is other women. I think I've proved my point. [via Fashionologie]

Did 'Times' Price Surge Trigger Circ Drop?

Maggie · 10/26/07 02:05PM

In the just-ended third quarter, the New York Times Company claimed a 22% decrease in newsprint costs. At the same time, they claimed that operating costs are down only 1.5%. We think that's fishy! Here's why. Newsprint and payroll are typically two of the biggest expenditures at a newspaper. The company is claiming an 8% savings based on "reduction in consumption." Cutting its page size might play a part in that, but isn't entirely responsible. We suspect circulation took a hit somewhere.