BMW's Baroque $10 Million Sex Scandal

Owen Thomas · 03/09/09 11:46AM

A Swiss man has confessed to extorting $10 million from Susanne Klatten, a billionaire German heiress to the BMW fortune, in a bizarre revenge attempt for her family's involvement with the Nazi regime.

FBI Now Involved in Travolta Extortion Case

Owen Thomas · 01/26/09 07:06PM

An alleged extortion attempt against John Travolta, the Scientology-believing Hairspray star whose teenage son Jett died January 2 in the Bahamas, is drawing a wider investigation. The FBI is now looking into the case.

Travoltas Claim Extortion

Owen Thomas · 01/20/09 03:56PM

Lawyers for John Travolta and Kelly Preston claim officials in the Bahamas tried to extort millions from the celebrity couple with "false claims" about the tragic but controversial death of their teenage son Jett.

Rob Lowe Accused Of Sexual Harrassment, Takes To The Blogosphere To Fight Nanny's Extortion Attempt

Molly Friedman · 04/08/08 11:30AM

It's one thing when Courtney Love blogs about her legal problems, but Rob Lowe? Maybe it's our Brat Pack fever or simply the fact that he's always flashing the peace sign, but we never figured Lowe as the type to air his dirty laundry online. Especially when the laundry in question involves an alleged "close and intimate relationship" with a former nanny. According to a HuffPo post by Lowe yesterday, a longtime nanny is trying to extort money from him and his wife after claiming Rob pulled a Jude Law:

Tom Cruise Squashes The Sultan Of Sleaze Like A Bug

seth · 08/30/07 08:01PM

David Hans Schmidt, aka the "Sultan of Sleaze," has finally learned what the potential consequences are of peddling his shadily procured wares back to their original owners. Having attempted to shake down Tom Cruise with stolen photos from Cruise's lavishly mounted Italian fairytale wedding, a guilty-pleading Schmidt is finally looking at serving up to two years of hard time. Extra reports:

The Sultan Of Sleaze Learns Not To Mess With Tom Cruise

seth · 07/26/07 03:00PM

David Hans Schmidt, aka the Sultan of Sleaze, has made a career out of brokering celebrity smut to the highest bidder. Without him, that storage locker of Paris Hilton's repossessed personal effects would never have found its way online, thereby forever denying the world her racist renditions of popular disco songs and pictures of Cisco Adler's improbably oversized testicles. But Schmidt was operating in a different league when he went after Tom Cruise, offering to sell back the happily married actor a stash of stolen wedding photos for $1 million. From The Smoking Gun:

Craigslist Blackmailer's Other Slutty Schemes

Emily Gould · 11/28/06 05:45PM

Scooping the Post is like taking candy from the proverbial baby: not very challenging, but we'll still totally do it whenever the opportunity presents itself. Ergo, more on Jessica Wolcott's dumb-ass attempts to make herself rich by posting semiwhorey photos of herself on various websites: she also was a member of person-to-person lending site Prosper, where, in a loan request initiated March 27, Jessica mentions she just got $30K:

Craigslist Blackmailer Took Pepsi Challenge

abalk2 · 11/28/06 11:50AM

So it turns out the Craigslist cutie who tried to extort a Fortune 500 exec was going after a Pepsi Bottling Group V.P., allowing the Post to use the charming hed 'POP' TART SCAMS BIGWIG: EXTORT OF CYBERCHEAT PEPSI EXEC." The paper adds little to yesterday's Smoking Gun report save to name the victim and get a quote from the wife ("I can't wait for her to be sentenced. You know, extortion is a bad thing."), who will surely be having the best Christmas ever (we're thinking Lexus). 'Pop' tart Wolcott (okay, it is kind of addictive), on the other hand, faces up to two years in the slammer, but remains free on bond. So all you other Fortune 500 execs trawling Craigslist might want to remain cautious until her February sentencing.