Animals Bout to Die

Hamilton Nolan · 05/04/15 04:03PM

Herbivores—animals too weak to even kill and eat another, weaker animal—may be in for an “enormous” die-off soon. I suppose this is our fault, also?

Hamilton Nolan · 01/24/14 05:19PM

One quarter of the world's shark and ray species are in danger of going extinct in the next two decades. Mega congrats to humans for helping to defeat these killers!

Upside Down Rhino Was the Last of Its Kind

Seth Abramovitch · 11/10/11 01:42AM

We all gasped in amazement at photos of a black rhinoceros being airlifted upside down to an area of South Africa where it stood a better chance at reproducing. Inconceivably, a new report suggests there's no other rhinos for it to reproduce with.

What Should We Do With All These Oil-Soaked Birds?

Maureen O'Connor · 06/09/10 01:45PM

Less than 1 percent of oil-soaked birds survive. Now that the gulf is awash in oil, what do we do with this epidemic of slowly suffering wildlife? We've reached the point that mass euthanasia may be the kindest option.