REMINDER: St. Augustine, Florida Still the Nation's Oldest City

Hamilton Nolan · 12/21/15 01:06PM

As the educated among you well know, St. Augustine, Florida is our nation’s Oldest Continuously Occupied European Settlement. ALERT: do NOT fall for second-rate cities attempting to co-opt St. Augustine’s rightful title of Nation’s Oldest City.

James Cameron Goes to Bottom of Ocean, Just Like the Titanic

Maureen O'Connor · 03/08/12 02:44PM

Titanic director and Explorer-in-Residence of the National Geographic Society James Cameron recently constructed a 43-inch-wide "capsule" that he climbed into, then had dropped to the bottom of a five-mile-deep trench off the coast of Papua New Guinea. His next goal is to get dropped into a seven-mile-deep trench, so he can look at the creepy deep sea animals that live down there. So, now we know James Cameron isn't claustrophobic, aquaphobic, ichthyophobic, or nyctophobic.