Who Will Win the Upcoming Civil War?

Hamilton Nolan · 07/15/16 01:15PM

With racial tensions, inequality, and populist rage set to boil over, some fear America could be on the path to a violent confrontation between the angry Trumpies and the equally angry lefties. Before we decide to start this war, we must ask: who would win?

Explaining Kevin Durant

Jordan Sargent · 07/05/16 01:45PM

Here is what you need to know about Kevin Durant, who did the crazy thing everyone is talking about.

A Very Short Guide to a Very Bad Idea: "Brexit"

Hamilton Nolan · 06/23/16 08:20AM

Today is the day—the day for the “Brexit” vote that you’ve been hearing so much about, against your will. What do you, the only very vaguely interested American, need to know?

Sarah Palin's Own on Ted Cruz Is a "Slam Dunk" (Basketball Term)

Ashley Feinberg · 04/27/16 03:27PM

Last night, noted ball-in-hoop lover Ted Cruz ruined a beloved, classic film for an entire nation in a record-breaking 19 seconds. Never one to miss the chance to “score a touchdown” (also a sports term), former sportscaster Sarah Palin took the opportunity to teach Ted Cruz a thing or two about the game of sports. Play ball!

We Have So Much Freakin Oil! 

Hamilton Nolan · 12/30/15 11:12AM

As recently as last year, oil cost close to $110 a barrel. Today, oil costs less than $37 a barrel. Why? There’s so much god damn oil!

Your Guide to Our New Financial Panic

Hamilton Nolan · 08/24/15 08:52AM

On Friday, the Dow Jones Industrial average fell more than 500 points, capping off the worst stock market week in years. Panic selling has taken hold of nearly every market in the world. As we digest today’s even worse massacre (?), consider: how much should you panic?

Bubble Watch: Junk Bonds Edition

Hamilton Nolan · 12/15/14 11:10AM

The American economy is booming, for the most part! That means that it is constantly a good time to worry about which part of the economy will collapse first. Today: shitty bonds?

Oil Is So Cheap Now. So What?

Hamilton Nolan · 12/01/14 11:16AM

While you slackers were all spending quality time with your families, the global oil markets were plummeting! This is good news, perhaps. Or maybe bad news? Let's explore how this will save—or possibly destroy—our world.

What Is Scotland? An American Guide to the Scottish Independence Vote

Dayna Evans · 09/11/14 12:40PM

Scotland has been a part of the United Kingdom for over 300 years. By the end of the year, that could drastically change. A week from today, all Scots over the age of 16 will have a chance to vote on a very simple question: "Should Scotland be an independent country?" What does this mean? Allow us to explain.

Is Israel Really as Good at Shooting Down Rockets as it Claims?

Adam Weinstein · 07/21/14 12:50PM

Israel's "Iron Dome" anti-rocket system is one of the most reliable defense tools on earth. It stops almost every deadly missile tossed its way. It is a miracle of modern civilization. These are claims repeated by reputable Western news sources. But what if they're bogus?

What's Happening in Iraq and What May Come Next, Explained

Adam Weinstein · 06/12/14 03:10PM

In the past week, Al Qaeda-connected Islamic militants have attacked multiple cities across Iraq and are rapidly consolidating power in the nation that the United States spent so much blood and treasure trying to stabilize. The situation is dire and dynamic. Here's some of what we know.