Questlove Gives Definitive Take on Iggy Azalea's Hip-Hop Posturing

Rich Juzwiak · 07/23/14 02:30PM

Is platinum-certified, platinum-haired Australian rapper Iggy Azalea a racist, or a harmless drag queen? Is she a racist drag queen? Are all drag queens racists? Are all racists drag queens? Who knows! Well, one man does, certainly: Roots drummer/author/curator Ahmir "Questlove" Thompson. Questlove is just about the wisest music expert pop culture currently has, and in an interview with TIME, he weighs in on the woman who has set so many social-justice-inclined fingers aflutter this summer.

Why Isn't Cocaine as Good as Exercise?

Hamilton Nolan · 05/09/13 01:05PM

The sun has risen, and it's time for "Hey, Science," our boldly scientific weekly feature in which we have your most provocative scientific questions answered by real live scientists (or related experts). No topic is off limits in our ongoing quest for truth and time-wasting. This week, doctors explain: Why do cardio exercise when you could just do cocaine?

Homework Is Useless, According to Experts

Max Read · 03/28/12 09:41AM

Add up all the time you spent doing homework. What would you say: a million billion hours? Roughly a trillion bazillion hours doing homework, over the course of your life? Well, as it turns out, it was a complete waste of your time:

Become A Fake Expert In One Easy Step

Hamilton Nolan · 06/04/08 09:55AM

Would you like to become an "expert" in a field that really defies easy expert prediction? Here's how: Take a group of things in that field that have already proven themselves to be successful. Then find common characteristics among the items in that group. Put forward those characteristics as your own personal advice about how to be successful in said field. Then, when your audience discovers that simply staring at a bunch of characteristics of things successful in the past does nothing to help them make the hard decisions about the future, you can just shrug and say, "Hey, these things are complex!" This works for "experts" in stock picking, politics, and, especially, marketing.

Fox Business Anchor Explains Persecution Of The Rich

Hamilton Nolan · 04/16/08 02:11PM

Here's a clip of Fox Business Network personality Cheryl Casone explaining, in her role as totally impartial economic expert, why Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama's tax plans are so misguided: because the rich pay most of the taxes already! "Most middle and low income earners not only don't pay income taxes, they end up getting money back in their returns. So somebody needs to kinda work on their math a little bit. *Snort*." Right, except for middle class people like you and me who get money back that we overpaid on the thousands of dollars in taxes we already had taken out of our checks throughout the year, not to mention sales taxes. (Standard deduction on taxable income for single people this year: $8,750). Click to watch, then go register as a Republican.

New Media Firm Name Apparently Composed Via Txt Msg

Hamilton Nolan · 03/06/08 05:04PM

Steve Friedman, a director who recently departed the Shelley Ross-terrorized CBS Early Show, is teaming up with another ex-CBSer to show needy clients how "the crazy quilt world of new media and old media work together." And you know that you're dealing with experts, because they have a wacky, new media name for their firm: Vir2L Media. That's the way these internet types spell things these days, seriously! They should have great success as consultants telling clueless corporate types what to do, as long as nobody uses The Google and gets them confused with Vir2L Studios, which already existed before they picked their name. Such a wild, wild media world. [TVNewser]