Frankenmosquitoes Released on Cayman Islands

Jeff Neumann · 11/12/10 06:13AM

A horde of genetically-modified mutant mosquitoes has been unleashed on the Cayman Islands to kill other mosquitoes that carry potentially deadly dengue fever. The millions of sterilized male mosquitos will mate with wild females, but produce no offspring.

Elizabeth Banks and Seth Rogen Try 'Sex' With Tony Kaye

STV · 10/14/08 07:15PM

We take back everything we've ever said about Harvey Weinstein's promotional strategy for Zack and Miri Make a Porno, from his and Kevin Smith's wholly manufactured MPAA RatingsGate to our in-house suspicion of those ridiculous stick-figure posters currently making the rounds. Even our cautious optimism about the film's red-band trailer is bolstered today by This is Not Sex, a new Mean Magazine video featuring stars Elizabeth Banks and Seth Rogen caught in various throes of orgasm, conversation and contortion by filmmaker Tony Kaye. Its refined lunacy speaks for itself, but seriously: Every major fall release should be so lucky as to have its leads hanged online for unlawful carnal knowledge — except for Changeling, of course, which has its own burger-centric Pitt/Jolie collaboration to help nudge it over the top. To each his own, but really: Hula-hoop climaxes? Cha. Ching. [Mean Magazine]

Shy Bladder Syndrome: Science Knows The Truth

Hamilton Nolan · 05/29/08 12:56PM

Are you a wee bit unfree with your public pee? Have trouble letting it flow when you need to go? Need to be in private to drain your privates—of urine? So-called "shy bladder syndrome" has a technical medical name, paruresis; an International Association; and, best of all, a landmark 1976 study that scientifically tested whether the condition actually exists, or is just an urban legend. The results were totally worth all the secret urinal spying that the scientists had to do to get them.