See Your Credit Rating in the VIP Room

Lauri Apple · 05/15/11 12:45PM

Given that the nation's credit rating bureaus have names that are somewhat nightclubby — "see you later on at Club Experian!" — it almost makes sense that they maintain VIP lists. Almost.

LowerMyBills.com lays off staff, packs up — and moves to Chile?

Alaska Miller · 07/30/08 06:20PM

High-flyer LowerMyBils.com sold to Experian for $330 million back in 2005. This was the company that plastered the Web with those dancing cowboy ads enticing you with cheaper mortgage rates — it spent almost $75 million on them in 2006. With the mortgage market in turmoil, consumers have more need than ever to slash their bills — but LowerMyBills.com doesn't have enticing mortgage offers for them, as lenders have cut back severely. Experian boss Don Robert has promised back in May a $217 million "cost-cutting drive" — "layoffs" must have sounded too depressing. One rumor had LowerMyBills cutting 45 employees, from VPs on down; another, improbably, said the company was relocating its data warehouse to Chile. Anyone know more about the cuts?