Hamilton Nolan · 09/10/15 12:20PM

Montez Spradley, who was convicted of murder and spent nearly ten years in prison in Alabama—including more than three years on Death Row—has been released from prison, his conviction overturned. Gawker published a letter from Spradley in 2013.

Hamilton Nolan · 04/08/14 04:34PM

Jonathan Fleming, who spent the past 25 years in a New York prison after being convicted of murder, was freed today after prosecutors concluded he was innocent. Exonerations in America are on the rise, which is a mixed blessing.

Ving Rhames' Huge Dogs Scary, Not Deadly

seth · 08/20/07 04:04PM

Bucking the teacup Chihuahua trend, Ving Rhames owns three 200-pound bull mastiffs and an English bulldog—trickier to have poking out of a Hermès bag on the red carpet, but doable—who were recently accused of having fatally mauled their caretaker, who lived on the property. Now, an autopsy suggests that the dogs weren't responsible for his death: