Bonded By Blood: A Girls Recap

A.J. Daulerio · 02/25/13 05:15PM

This episode of Girls is called "Video Games" but don't get too excited, geekboys, because it's actually about Jessa's relationship with her estranged father. Jessa, fetishized by most as the wisest of all the Girls, takes an impromptu road trip to Manitou to visit her father after receiving a mysterious text from him that, after Hannah's deduction, was probably a butt-text. "That's really mean," Jessa says to Hannah. They're cooped at the train station for hours, because Jessa's father is always late. Hannah has to piss, but the Manitou train station has no toilet. We also learn that Hannah has a UTI. Hannah is skittish about pissing in public but oh the burn.

Woman Injured During Bible Fight

Lauri Apple · 10/02/11 12:41PM

A Florida woman faces a charge of battery causing bodily harm after breaking the eleventh commandment: Thou shalt not throw thy Bible at thy son's girlfriend. She is literally a Bible beater.

Everyone's Leaving Ireland Again

Hamilton Nolan · 02/24/11 04:12PM

Remember when all those people left Ireland thanks to the potato famine and then your grandparents would never shut up about it? Uh oh, it's happening again! (The leaving Ireland part.)

Kosher for Passover: The Internet's Best Passover-Related Videos

Matt Toder · 03/29/10 12:30PM

Tonight is the first night of Passover, the Jewish holiday commemorating the Israelites' exodus from bondage in Egypt. It's a holiday with a little something for everyone: Plagues! Miracles! Matzah! Inside, the best Passover-related videos the internet has to offer.

Getting The Jews Out Of The Gene Pool

abalk · 06/15/07 11:00AM

New York Times columnist David Brooks is worried. Seems that people are cherry-picking sperm in order to give their kids genetic advantages over the progeny of traditional stick-peepee-into-hooha reproducers. What's the problem? The rise of the machines!