Slate's Advice Column Is 'Penthouse Letters' for Prudes

Maureen O'Connor · 03/05/12 06:13PM

When Slate advice column Dear Prudence explored gay male twin fucking, I assumed it was an aberration in a column otherwise devoted to wedding etiquette and mother-in-law woes. But what if Dear Prudence is actually on the cutting edge of human sexuality? What if Dear Prudence is the Penthouse Letters of tongue-clucking suburbanites?

Actress Tweets Topless Pic at Random, Overjoyed Fan

Maureen O'Connor · 01/09/12 11:33AM

Perpetual sexy schoolgirl AnnaLynne McCord, who regularly makes out with her sister in front of cameras, took a topless picture of herself last night and tweeted it at a random fan, who apparently sat in dumbfounded silence when she saw the "gift" AnnaLynne had tweeted at her. "@IAMannalynne <333 ahh thanks! you are so sweet! and thats definitely a great picture!," replied @Meganrae, a random girl from Colorado with a Blogspot about nail polish.

The Porny Pastimes of the World's Most Famous Sperm Donor

Adrian Chen · 12/21/11 05:21PM

The FDA is cracking down on a San Francisco man who gives away his spooj on the internet to people he meets through his website. So far, Trent Arsenault has helped 14 couples get pregnant. But not all of them are aware that Arsenault is turning his "donations" into a torrent of amateur porn.