No Class

Hamilton Nolan · 03/03/16 11:42AM

High class? Low class? No class. NO FITNESS CLASS. NEVER.

Hamilton Nolan · 01/13/16 05:54PM

A new “Yoga in America” study finds that there are more than 36 million yoga practitioners in the U.S., which is an increase of more than 50% in just the past four years. At this rate, in 20 years nearly every U.S. citizen will be doing yoga, which is sure to bring us all together.

Hamilton Nolan · 11/06/15 09:22AM

“Dr. Taz says waist trainers makes heart burn and indigestion worse, and women pass out after wearing them because they can’t get enough air.” Why not just run hill sprints and pass out from lack of air while actually improving your waistline?

Hamilton Nolan · 10/21/15 11:10AM

A new study finds that lifting weights may “slow the age-related shrinking of some parts of our brains.” Don’t be weak, old, and dumb—squat.

Your Fitness Community Sickens Me

Hamilton Nolan · 08/27/15 10:40AM

You look at yourself and see a strong, vibrant member of a community of like-minded individuals. I look at you and I see a sweaty, desperate fascist in training. Three supportive cheers from the Fitness Team for your personal record today—fascist!

Y'all Are Lazy

Hamilton Nolan · 04/24/15 04:12PM

Are you one of a subset of 83 million Americans? You’re lazy, man.

No Playlist

Hamilton Nolan · 02/23/15 12:22PM

Should you lift weights to heavy metal? Should you cardio dance to hip hop tracks? Should you run the streets listening to podcasts? NO.

Crossfit Is a Plague

Hamilton Nolan · 12/10/14 02:50PM

Crossfit here. Crossfit there. Crossfit everywhere. Crossfit is the chicken pox of a new generation.