Is Britney Spears Secretly Married?

Richard Lawson · 02/13/08 12:39PM

Star magazine is positing that crazy, bewigged former (let's be honest) singer Britney Spears secretly married paparazzo main squeeze Adnan Ghalib when the two darted off to Mexico last month. But, Adnan is still technically married to his first wife, AzLynn Berry, so any marriage with Spears would be null and void. (But symbolically totally romantic). To that end, it's been rumored that Spears gave Ghalib $250,000 to give to Berry so she would hurry up already with the divorce proceedings. Gossip maven Ben Widdicombe calls this "the only logical reason" for Britney's sudden trip south of the border, which is sort of funny because at this point she could ride down the street on a flaming bicycle, followed by a small parade of koala bears and it wouldn't seem out of the ordinary. "Logical" is not a word that really ever factors into the Spears equation. [Daily News] After the jump, part one of an Entertainment Tonight interview with Ghalib.

Wired in 1,200 words

Nick Douglas · 12/05/07 03:00PM

Wired 15.12 comes in at two pounds, half the weight of a September Vogue. Most of it's the water weight of ads and a shopping guide, and I've summarized the meat of the issue in 1,200 words, so now you don't need to pick it up and risk ergonomic injury.