Columbia Professor Ruder Than Columbia Muggers

Hamilton Nolan · 02/07/11 09:38AM

Columbia University: where you can almost taste the class conflict lapping at the edge of campus. According to a credulity-straining (fictional?) report in The Morningside Post, Columbia student Jane Watkins was hurrying up 114th on her way to class when she was rudely mugged. By very polite muggers!

From HuffPo to Glenn Beck With One Mighty Excuse

Hamilton Nolan · 01/06/11 09:25AM

Betsy Morgan, the former CEO of The Huffington Post, has taken a job running Glenn Beck's website. Hmm. Isn't there something troubling about leaping from one ideological organization to an opposite one so quickly? Morgan has a compelling explanation.

Woman Blames Car Crash on Vampire

Max Read · 06/29/10 11:15PM

A Colorado woman says she drove her car into a canal because she was startled by a vampire. The vampire... of bad driving! No, actually, a real vampire. She said she crashed, because of a vampire. [KVDR]

The Mysterious Affair of Lindsay Lohan's 8-Hour Tardiness

Maureen O'Connor · 06/23/10 01:02PM

Last month, rumor was Lohan was sleeping with celebrity photographer Indrani. Now Lindsay's Twitter-fighting Indrani (and her Bravo reality show) for making her astoundingly late to a televised photo shoot. Lindsay says it was a "set-up" for "ratings."