Perverted Water Bottle Inseminator Faces Sentencing

Seth Abramovitch · 04/22/11 03:15AM

It won't be long now before we get the answer to that ancient riddle, "What's an appropriate sentence for a man who ejaculates into his co-worker's water bottle for his own sexual gratification?"

Pop-Tarts Sushi and Other Fine Foods at the New Pop-Tarts Cafe

Max Read · 08/08/10 10:10PM

A Pop-Tarts "cafe," featuring a 30-item menu including "Pop-Tarts sushi" and a build-your-own pack vending machine, will open in Times Square on Tuesday. Yes, you read that right: Pop-Tarts sushi. We have suggestions for more menu items!

Maryland's Alleged Semen Attacker Charged

Max Read · 08/05/10 09:06PM

A man has been accused of spraying bottled semen onto the backs of shoppers in Maryland. And then taking pictures. As one resident put it: "Oh, that's nasty. Oh, that's really not good. That's disgusting."

Dumpster Pools Headed to Manhattan

Max Read · 07/16/10 04:15AM

Dumpsters that have been converted to pools will be placed along Park Avenue between 40th and 41st streets this summer, so if you're looking to dispose of a body in midtown you should probably check inside the dumpster first. [NYT]

Courtney Love Uses Facebook to Post Naked Pictures

Brian Moylan · 06/11/10 12:39PM

Using social media for pornography rather than incoherent rambling, Courtney Love posted pictures that reveal her breasts and lady area on Facebook. Also, there is this one of her being spanked by her twin sister, transsexual plastic-surgery lover Amanda Lepore.

abalk · 07/13/07 08:46AM

69-year-old former senator Al D'Amato has had negotiations with his 41-year-old wife, and come spring, a baby will pop out! Congratulations, Fonzie! Also, ewww. [NYP]