Autistic Man Who Hums 'Too Much' Could Be Evicted

Lauri Apple · 07/10/11 01:43PM

For the past 11 years, Paul Harman has happily hummed around his council flat without incident. Recently, however, a new neighbor moved into his South London building and complained to the council that Harman hums too much. Now he faces eviction.

Quiet Grandmother Facing Eviction for Alleged Gang Activity

Lauri Apple · 06/11/11 11:11AM

After living in the same apartment for 30 years, Jeannetta Holden—a 59-year-old grandma and great-grandma who likes houseplants and cooking—has received an eviction notice from her landlord, who claims she's been selling drugs, shooting guns, and hanging with gangs. Supposedly police reports prove everything.

'Times' Quote of the Day: Women!

Pareene · 06/04/08 03:34PM

The guys out there know what the New York Times is talking about, right? Old ladies just don't know when to quit! Sheesh.