Halsey Minor's Internet magazine company tries, tries again

Owen Thomas · 10/01/08 04:00PM

Street fashion always gets a nod in mainstream style magazines. But can it fill up an entire issue, month after month after month — and deliver the kind of returns venture capitalists expect? That's an experiment underway at 8020 Publishing, a San Francisco-based startup which publishes print magazines based on the contributions of Internet users. 8020's creative director, Mimi Dutta, recently sent around a note advertising jobs at the new fashion magazine. The company is backed by CNET founder Halsey Minor, but has struggled to expand from its original JPG title, a photography magazine created by the husband-and-wife team of Derek Powazek and Heather Champ and bought by 8020. In August, Everywhere, 8020's travel title, folded after only four issues. Travel seemed like a natural category to attract advertisers, and some involved with the project wondered whether it was given enough time to succeed. Adding to the project's costs, Everywhere's website was built with different technology than JPG's. And then there's 8020's management uproar.Paul Cloutier, the company's former CEO, has also left the company. Minor is famously erratic and distracted by his art collection and real-estate holdings. And 8020's current CEO, ex-Condé Nast executive Mitch Fox, commutes to the job from Long Island, despite telling the New York Post in March he'd be relocating immediately. For anyone brave enough to walk into the middle of this, here's Dutta's note about the jobs:

Drunk Driving Accident in Mexico

Richard Lawson · 06/03/08 10:33AM

Here's a photo that is circulating like crazy around various websites, Tumblr blogs, etc. It's so incredible that we initially assumed it had to be a fake. Though a simple Googling reveals that the photo is, unfortunately, real. A drunk driver in Mexico fell asleep at the wheel and plowed into several bicyclists who were competing in a road race.