Crist In Closet, Off Table

Pareene · 07/10/08 10:46AM

Florida governor Charlie Crist is maybe gay, but now he's engaged to a woman, so that he can be John McCain's Vice President. Brilliant GOP political operative Roger Stone explains: "Politics runs on rumors and innuendo, and questions about bachelorhood persist. Getting engaged takes that off the table." See? Now no one will ever call him gay again. Roger Stone's record of political genius continues! [PalmBeachPost]

'Sex Tape' Will Prove McCain's Maybe Running Mate Un-Gay

Pareene · 05/28/08 01:05PM

Charlie Crist is the Republican governor of the great state of Florida. He is pretty popular out there. Less polarizing than Jeb Bush, certainly. And he's been named as a possible running mate for John McCain. There is just one problem. Everyone seems to think he's gay, for some crazy reason. "Some crazy reason," by the way, means "a 21-year-old Katherine Harris staffer who claimed he fucked Crist, and who went on the say that another Harris staffer was Crist's long-term partner." Crist denies everything. And now, conveniently, the heterosexual "Charlie Crist sex tape" (ugggghhhh) has surfaced. You'll never guess who's behind it!

Gossip Girl Fails the SATs

Richard Lawson · 04/29/08 10:20AM

Um, has anyone ever studied that much for the SATs? When I took that odious exam (back when it was out of 1600 points! I don't understand this new math! what's a computer?!) I just showed up the damn day of and suffered through it. And I did OK. Not great, but good enough. Even friends who took the prep classes weren't drinking cup after cup of fancy coffee and getting massages and looking at notecards and whatnot. So, all in all, the whole conceit of last night's episode of Gossip Girl was... well, wrong. That aside, though, things happened!