Ted Haggard to Appear on Celebrity Wife Swap

Richard Lawson · 09/21/11 10:55AM

Meth-smoking, man-screwing Evangelical pastor Ted Haggard will soon be swappin' wives with none other than Gary Busey on the upcoming "celebrity" version of ABC's Wife Swap.

Ted Haggard's Christian Sex Comedy Cameo

Max Read · 05/31/11 06:17PM

We worry, sometimes, about the fate of our nation's queer tweakers, so it's nice to see meth head bisexual and former megachurch pastor Ted Haggard embarking on what's sure to be a very lucrative career as a cameo artist in Christian sex comedies with his brief turn in The Waiting Game, coming at around 1:05 in the video above. Haggard, who identifies as a 21-year-old bisexual, also starred in a short-lived TLC series; we can't imagine it was as good as The Waiting Game looks to be. [via Colorado Springs Gazette]

Ted Haggard Comes Out as a Bisexual 21-Year-Old

Adrian Chen · 01/26/11 08:04PM

Disgraced former evangelist/methhead Ted Haggard is finally (sort of!) ready to admit that he is not straight, no matter how much gay-bashing he indulged in to prove it. In a new GQ profile, he says he's bisexual, sort of.

The Terrible Return of Ted Haggard

Richard Lawson · 01/06/11 04:08PM

He's baaaaack, thanks to TLC. Also today: everyone's favorite dreamvamp gets his ears lowered, bad news for Paula Abdul, good news for Katy Perry (which is bad news for us), and a misguided NBC show moves ahead.

Ted Haggard Has a New Lease on Life

Jeff Neumann · 06/03/10 05:08AM

Yesterday, we asked you what Ted Haggard's big announcement could possibly be. There was great speculation! Well, he's starting a new church with the novel idea of helping people (and pulling in some cash), because "something is better than nothing."