Evan Bayh Is Done Making a Lot of Money and Would Like to Return to the Senate Now, Please

Alex Pareene · 07/12/16 02:39PM

Evan Bayh is returning to politics. The former Democratic governor of Indiana and U.S. senator has decided to enter the race for his old Senate seat, which is currently occupied by a retiring Republican. This is exciting news for people who want Democrats to retake the Senate, and bad news for people who want Democrats to retake the Senate not just for the sake of retaking the Senate, but so that those Democrats can actually accomplish things.

Evan Bayh Sucks

Jim Newell · 06/07/11 12:23PM

Former Democratic Sen. Evan Bayh simply had to resign from Congress last year, as our polarized politics were preventing him from singlehandedly saving the world in his role as a mere public servant. "At this time," as he said in his powerful resignation speech, "I simply believe I can best contribute to society in another way: creating jobs by helping grow a business, helping guide an institution of higher learning, or helping run a worthy charitable endeavor." Got it? He would sacrifice his sizable political power to help America, by creating jobs, giving to charity, and advancing higher education.

Bayh Press Conference Reveals Nothing

Pareene · 02/15/10 02:43PM

Hero Senate quitter Evan Bayh explained absolutely nothing about the reasons for his retirement at his press conference a little earlier. Except that he wishes everyone in the Senate was Dick Lugar. What he didn't mention: he didn't tell Obama or Reid about his plans, and the filing deadline for a candidate looking to replace him is tomorrow. If you won't vote for his Bipartisan Deficit Commission, Evan Bayh will take all of you motherfuckers out.

Kate White —

Gabriel Snyder · 02/02/10 02:45PM

Cosmo editor on her choice for the magazine's next nude Senator centerfold, to PopEater.com. Reference photo of Bayh, of whom White added, "We think he's hot in a natural, low-key, Midwestern sort of way," provided after the jump.

The Republican Superminority

Pareene · 01/20/10 11:25AM

With Scott Brown's stunning, come-from-behind victory over the boring lady who hated baseball in Massachusetts, the Democrats must admit defeat. Please welcome our new unstoppable Republican Superminority.

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 12/26/08 08:34AM

Author/humorist David Sedaris turns 52 today. Jared Leto is 37. CNN's Candy Crowley is 60. AOL chief Randy Falco is 55. Senator Evan Bayh is 53. America's Most Wanted's John Walsh is 63. Chris Daughtry is 29. And record producer (and possible murderer) Phil Spector celebrates his 68th today. Weekend birthdays after the jump.

Mark Penn: Unkillable

Pareene · 08/14/08 04:53PM

Good news! You thought the career of Mark Penn, scurrilous bastard Clinton pollster and world's worst PR guru, was finished? You thought he'd never ineptly manage the press strategy of another big Democrat again? Especially after those wonderful, wonderful Clinton campaign memos all got dumped on the Internet this week? The joke, as always, is on you, where "you" means "common sense and the hope that the Democratic party won't once again shoot itself in the foot." If Barack Obama chooses Even Bayh as his running mate (please, no, not The Ethanol Ticket), Penn's back on top! "For years, Penn and his wife, Nancy Jacobson, have been close advisers to Indiana Senator Evan Bayh." He'll lose this one for us yet! We'd be happier with fucking Biden. At least he's poor! [Atlantic, Photo-illustration]