Bill O'Reilly Wants to Feed His Muffin to Eva Longoria

Matt Cherette · 09/29/11 10:27PM

Bill O'Reilly's pervy fascination with Lady Gaga is so 2010. This year on the Factor it's all about Eva Longoria. At least that's the feeling we got after watching O'Reilly insert Longoria into tonight's "Pinheads & Patriots" segment for seemingly no reason other than to offer her free muffins to come on his program.

Kim Kardashian Snubs Husband and Sister-in-Law In Front of Everyone

Maureen O'Connor · 09/15/11 11:05AM

All three Kardashians blow off Kris Humphries' plus-size model sister. Mila Kunis gets hacked. A naked man with a Fudgesicle broke into Nicolas Cage's house. Padma Lakshmi bombs at an open mic night. Thursday gossip turns up its nose.

The Strange Story of Kanye West and Mary-Kate Olsen Making Out

Maureen O'Connor · 06/10/11 10:58AM

Did Mary-Kate hook up with Kanye on his birthday? Does Jennifer Lopez bathe in the black magic blood of Santeria chickens? Does Kim Kardashian need a decoy engagement ring? Did LeAnn Rimes make a sex tape? Friday gossip has questions.

Jesse James Is Still a Prick, and Other Tales of Celebrity Anger

Jeff Neumann · 05/14/11 08:52AM

Jesse James is still around. Nicollette Sheridan is still really upset about being fired from Desperate Housewives. David Arquette has "clean" hands. And Rupert Murdoch paid Sienna Miller for hacking her phone. Saturday gossip is all about payback.

Christina Aguilera's Weave Takes a Turn for the 'Britney'

Maureen O'Connor · 05/09/11 10:50AM

A shocked nation recoils as Christina Aguilera dares show her face with anything less than professional hair and makeup. Victoria Beckham gets a "quinny buzz." Benjamin Millepied throws a tantrum. Monday gossip has fascist beauty standards.

Charlie Sheen Finally Admits 'I'm Losing My Mind'

Maureen O'Connor · 03/09/11 11:10AM

Charlie Sheen says he's "ready to call anyone for help," but is this just another senseless rant, or has his mania abated? Lindsay Lohan's maybe-stolen necklace hits the auction block. Amanda Seyfried gets Botox at 25. Wednesday gossip crashes into a deep depression.

Awkward Celebrity Seat Mates at NBA Games: An Appreciation

Maureen O'Connor · 02/21/11 02:53PM

Basketball games are among the best places for spotting celebrities in the wild. Since the famous folk frequent court side seats, the view is often unobstructed; the lighting is good; cameras are welcome; and, due to the magic of assigned seating, they often end up interacting with unexpected members of their flock. Case in point: At last night's NBA All-Stars game, Justin Bieber sat next to Rihanna.

Britney Spears Walks Down the Aisle, and Other Rituals

Maureen O'Connor · 01/31/11 10:31AM

Britney Spears overshadows the bride at a wedding. Claire Danes flies coach, and won't stop bragging about it. Charlie Sheen's rehab will take three months. David Arquette is done with rehab. Monday gossip is momentous.

Transsexual Mistress: Kelly Osbourne's Fiance Liked My Penis

Maureen O'Connor · 01/17/11 11:13AM

A transsexual woman explains Kelly Osbourne's Twitter freak-out: Luke was in love with a woman with a penis. Rob Pattinson calls his own naked image "very pretty." Diddy hits the sauce. Monday gossip is full of surprises.