Reporter's Quest to Find out 'Who Pooped on the Bank?' Ends on Awkward Note

Lauri Apple · 11/09/11 05:15AM

In this clip, a woman who appears to be an actual news reporter wanders around the Occupy Eureka (California) campsite asking random protesters if they "pooped and peed" on a local bank. Together the reporter and the protesters say the words "poop" and "pee" about 12,000 times—and all for naught, because we never actually find out who pooped and peed on the bank.

Dirty Dancing Is the Next Thing to Be Ruined

Richard Lawson · 08/09/11 05:36PM

As Hollywood is, duh, out of ideas, they're digging up a 24-year-old classic. Also today: the Smurfs will rise again, Mirielle Enos finally gets out of Seattle, and good news for Sarah Chalke.