Wisconsin Business Selling 'Snuggles' Swears It's Not a Brothel

Neetzan Zimmerman · 10/16/13 03:52PM

A Madison, Wisconsin business that plans to offer its clients private rooms with beds where they can snuggle with female staff members in exchange for cash is having trouble getting a permit from the city because officials aren't so sure it isn't a whore house.

Don't Let Government Thugs Take Away America's Corn Sugar

Hamilton Nolan · 05/31/12 01:21PM

If you're as American as I assure you I am, don't even look it up, then you can't be limited to just regular old sugar. Regular sugar is white, but "this land is your land" (multicultural). When you get a mighty hunger after driving your pickup truck to the American football games, nothing will hit that "sweet spot" except for some delicious real corn sugar. Whoops, sorry—the government bureaucrats aren't "okay" with that.

Turtle Freaks Out After Seeing a "Shaved Cat"

Angelito Yambao Jr. · 08/09/10 09:50AM

In one of the most entertaining conversations in an otherwise rather bland season of Entourage, Turtle talks to Drama and Vince about his terribly awkward experience after seeing his first 3D "shaved box." Looks like the writers are writing again.

Finally, Christian Couples Have a Place to Buy Their Dildos

Brian Moylan · 06/21/10 02:23PM

Trying to get her spark back in the bedroom, a Christian woman went looking for "marital aids" and all she found was porn. Her solution? The world's first Christian sex toy shop. You're going to love their euphemisms.

The Fifteen Most Useless Internet Euphemisms

Nick Douglas · 07/03/08 12:55AM

"We didn't attempt to silence Violet. We unpublished our own work." That's how the geek culture blog Boing Boing defended their decision to delete every post referring to sex writer Violet Blue for no given reason. The team's refusal to explain further turned this obscure event into a giant blog fight: because a couple of bloggers hid behind mealy-mouthed words instead of coming out firing all weapons, like proper Internet talk is supposed to go. Driven by the same old ass-covering impulse, anyone trying to make a buck uses bland business-speak online: "Restructuring" for mass layoffs, "brand advertising" for ads that no one clicks. Below are over a dozen such terms and their true definitions.

Why Is The 'New Republic' Going Dark?

Doree Shafrir · 07/31/07 03:50PM

A meandering, unsigned note in this week's New Republic informs readers that the magazine is going on vacation, and that the magazine will be published three weeks from now, instead of the "customary two." Err, okay! This raises a few questions for us, some of which are related to the fact that this week's issue is a scarily thin 48 pages.