The New Year Is the Oldest Thing: Inside Philadelphia's Mummers Parade

Dayna Evans · 01/19/15 01:30PM

The New Year, or South Philadelphia's share of it, was being assembled in a warehouse with a bright yellow Cottman Transmission sign at the entrance, right on the corner of 13th and Reed. "You don't want to get a screw in your foot," Jinks warned me. All around us were the raw materials and detritus of fun: brightly colored vinyl sheeting; racks of satin dresses, fringed costumes, and sequined suit jackets; prickly tinsel; stacks of lumber; buckets of nails, screws, and paint.

How to Be Cool at the G-20: An Illustrated Guide

Maureen O'Connor · 06/28/10 06:10PM

The G-20 is when the world's economic leaders meet to talk trade. It's also prom to the international protest set. Anarchists, hippies, gutter punks: Everyone's invited, and it's your big chance to get photographed and get laid change the world.

How The Gays Understand Nature And Science

Choire · 07/12/07 11:30AM

Eavesdropping on the gays is the surest way to find out what products and people are hot and what are not. Rod Townsend records the gays in and around their natural environment of Fire Island and reports back. All dialogue 100% verbatim.