Taylor Berman · 07/16/13 11:04PM

According to the New York Times, Keith Olbermann will return to ESPN later this year. He'll reportedly host a one-hour, nightly show for ESPN2.

Keith Olbermann Wants to Work at ESPN Again

Taylor Berman · 03/03/13 11:53PM

Keith Olbermann, famed observer of reckless drivers and occasional Gawker emailer, is reportedly testing the waters at ESPN, the station he left in 1997 in a typically bridge-burning/napalming fashion. Several times over the last year, the former Current and MSNBC host reached out to ESPN president John Skipper with friendly "Gee, I would love to have dinner" emails, and finally, some time a few months ago, the two dined together at New York's Four Seasons restaurant:

Neanderthal Recreates Nirvana's Nevermind

Jordan Sargent · 02/05/13 07:03PM

Believe it or not, five-time Olympic gold medalist Ryan Lochte is still a thing. The swimmer, who took America by storm last year after winning five overall medals in the London Olympics despite barely being able to form complete sentences, is still hanging around the edges of pop culture before Dancing With the Stars or whatever inevitably comes calling. What does this month bring? Well, a magazine cover, of course.

Hank Williams Jr. Packs It In

Jim Newell · 10/06/11 02:57PM

Hank William Jr. has had it with the political correctness of the Hitler-ish ESPN sports television corporation. You will never hear his "Are you ready for some football" song on Monday Night Football ever again. He's refusing the to lend the economy his productive services, now, after being treated so badly for sharing his political views on Fox & Friends Monday morning. Either that, or he got fired.

ESPN Just Doesn't Care About This 'Journalism' Crap

Hamilton Nolan · 02/15/11 02:19PM

In your essential Tuesday media column: ESPN anchors in shameless sellout agreement, NPR is not going to die, Lawrence O'Donnell howls at the moon, Here Media loses in court, Mothering magazine folds its print edition, and we help The Daily.

ESPN's Statistics Read By Celebrities: Hey, It's Sean Astin!

Chris Wyman · 01/06/11 12:42PM

Fear not, Seattle Seahawks fans (both of you) — your team may be a DEEP underdog against the Saints on Saturday, but here are some inspiring words from legendary portrayer-of-underdogs Sean "Rudy" Astin, as seen on yesterday's SportsNation.

Monday Night Football Graphics FAIL

Chris Wyman · 12/28/10 09:15AM

It's NFL Week 16, but ESPN's graphics department is still having issues. This clip from last night's MNF shows a couple of "lorem ipsum" teams rounding out the NFC playoff picture with records of 0-0. As if we wouldn't notice!