FBI Investigated the Father of Modern Anthropology For Being a 'Jewish International Communist'

John Cook · 08/02/11 12:37PM

Claude Levi-Strauss is familiar to anyone who took Anthropology 101 as the most important anthropologist of the 20th century and a father of structuralism, the theoretical forebear to post-structuralism, post-modernism, deconstruction and all that weird subversive French philosophy your parents warned you about. Which may explain why the FBI spent close to a decade spying on him in the 1940s.

Spy Panic Over Sexy Tweeter '1st Lady of Missiles'

Ryan Tate · 04/28/11 04:52PM

ZOMG! The national security world is totally as petty, gossipy and vicious as a pack of 13 year old girls. Just look at the hysteria surrounding supposed Twitter spy "Shawna Gorman."

Iran Hit By New Computer Virus

Adrian Chen · 04/25/11 12:04PM

The mysterious Stuxnet worm may have kicked the crap out of Iran's Bushehr nuclear reactor last August. Now, Iranian's commander of civil defense says they have discovered a new virus called "Stars."

Mexican Spy Plane Crashes in Texas

Max Read · 12/17/10 02:11AM

A remote-controlled drone owned and operated by the government of Mexico crashed "in someone's backyard" near El Paso last week. What was it doing there?

Meet Katia Zatuliveter, Britain's Very Own Sexy Alleged Spy

Max Read · 12/06/10 12:01AM

A 25-year-old parliamentary aide was arrested by British authorities on Thursday, and currently faces deportation. For spying! Yes, only a few months after it was cool to have a sexy Russian sleeper agent, the U.K. finally gets their own.

If Wikileaks Broke the Espionage Act, So Did the New York Times

John Cook · 11/30/10 01:22PM

Attorney General Eric Holder says the criminal investigation into Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is more than just "saber-rattling," and Justice Department officials are claiming he violated the Espionage Act. If that's true, isn't the New York Times guilty as well?

Another Alleged Russian Spy Caught, Deported from US

Jeff Neumann · 07/14/10 05:08AM

The Russian spy story continues: A mid-twenties software tester at Microsoft, Alexey Karetnikov, has been deported on immigration charges and is said to be the 12th member of the spy ring. Last chance for reporters to overuse Cold War clichés!