Clinton Campaign Apparently Also Hacked by Russians

Brendan O'Connor · 07/29/16 06:17PM

In an attack that apparently came from a Russian intelligence agency—and that may or may not be related to similar recent cyber attacks on other Democratic party organizations—computer systems tied to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign have been hacked, New York Times and Reuters reported on Friday.

What Was Kirsten Dunst Doing on May 4?

Caity Weaver · 10/30/13 09:00AM

As Miranda July's celebrity-email-based art project "We Think Alone" winds to a close, a burning question—and possibly a coded message for help—has emerged: What was Kirsten Dunst doing on May 4?

Cord Jefferson · 07/03/13 06:19PM

As nations continue arguing over who might take in American fugitive Edward Snowden, the Ecuadorian embassy in London claims it discovered a bug hidden in ambassador Ana Alban's office.

A Glimpse Inside the Wire

Adrian Chen · 07/02/13 10:25AM

It's 2013 and Guantanamo Bay is still open, insanely. Newly released Army documents obtained by Gawker shed light on life inside America's most infamous prison, where classified documents are burned in coffee cans, American guards are converted to Islam by the suspected terrorists they watch over, and wily detainees wage their own counterintelligence campaigns.

Six Degrees of David Petraeus: The Nick Denton Connection

John Cook · 11/14/12 12:10PM

The Petraeus scandal has taken a terrifying turn. The ever-widening circle of dark and shifty characters involved in the CIA sexcapade now includes figures associated with the Lincoln Group, the secretive Iraq and Afghanistan propaganda contractor famous for paying Iraqi newspapers to run fake pro-American news stories. Which means that it also extends to a furtive, enigmatic, foreign-born media titan whose closely held firm is busily extending its tendrils into the national consciousness: Gawker Media founder Nicholas Guido Denton. Let me explain.

The Spy Who Divorced Me

Caity Weaver · 03/14/12 10:19PM

The Washington Post has served up a juicy story about the secrecy surrounding the divorces of CIA agents and their non-spook spouses. Hoo-boy, is it worth a read.

Another Iranian Nuclear Scientist Totally Randomly Blown Up

Adrian Chen · 01/11/12 10:55AM

Another Iranian nuclear scientist was killed today by a magnetic bomb attached to his car. Iran blames the U.S. and/or Israel, but couldn't this have just been an accident? Who hasn't had a magnetic bomb attached to the underside of their car at one time or another?

Man, Wikileaks' New Leak Sucks

Adrian Chen · 12/01/11 11:25AM

Julian Assange just unveiled Wikileaks' latest release, and it's embarrassing: A bunch of brochures and manuals they downloaded from public websites, and some stuff that the Wall Street Journal published last month.

The Hilariously Bad Disguises of the German Secret Police

Max Read · 08/03/11 10:07PM

Check out these great cold war-era photos of some totally normal East German citizens, who are definitely not members of the secret police! How innocuous they are, these completely non-suspicious-looking gentlemen, who could not possibly be Stasi officers in disguise, especially not the fellow in sunglasses and the enormous fur coat with the upturned collar. Nope, just some regular guys.