The Empire State Building Shooting Was Mostly Perpetrated by Cops

Max Read · 08/24/12 05:28PM

When the first reports of a multiple-casualty shooting outside the Empire State Building came down the line this morning, most of us thought the same thing: not again. Not another senseless tragedy, not another crazy lone gunman, not another mass shooting.

ESB Shooting Sparks Rare, Brilliant Update on Onion Story

Adrian Chen · 08/24/12 12:21PM

The Onion is famous for its insanely painstaking joke-making process, where hundreds of proposed headlines are whittled down to just the handful of gems you see on the website or in the paper each week. But what happens when real breaking news collides with the imagined world of the Onion? Like any legit news organization these days, they update.

The Worst Thing That Will Be Written on the Internet Today

Hamilton Nolan · 08/24/12 11:35AM

This business of ours, the blog business, is not "easy." Bloggers must have the agile minds and exquisite judgment necessary to survey all the news of the day, decide what is important and why, and bring readers along on a journey towards understanding.

CNN's Ali Velshi Learns How Important the Word 'No' Is

Max Read · 08/24/12 09:47AM

Around 10:15 CNN's Ali Velshi tweeted: "BREAKING: law enforcement source tells CNN there appears to be terrorism connection to the #ESBshooting." This happened several minutes after local New York City outlets reported that the man who opened fire outside the Empire State Building, so the tweet spread like wildfire. And then Velshi deleted it. Why?

Breaking: Reports of Deadly Shootout Near Empire State Building (UPDATES, GRAPHIC PHOTOS)

Cord Jefferson · 08/24/12 08:50AM

There are now numerous reports that between two and seven people were shot at 5th Avenue and 34th Street near the Empire State Building around 9 this morning. The New York Post currently says only two were shot. But the Twitter feed NYScanner reports that seven people were shot in total, including the shooter, who was killed by police. Of the other six victims, five are reportedly stable and one is in serious condition.