Catfish and the Death of Online Anonymity

Adrian Chen · 09/23/10 08:43PM

The new documentary Catfish, which follows a New York 20-something's strange relationship with online strangers, might seem to be about the cloak of anonymity provided by the Internet. It's not. It's about the new impossibility of being anonymous online.

Stephen Colbert's Awkward Interview with Google CEO Eric Schmidt

Matt Cherette · 09/21/10 11:08PM

Tonight, Stephen Colbert welcomed Google CEO Eric Schmidt to the the Report. While overall pleasant, things did get awkward when the topics of Google's data-mining, as well as Schmidt's "Want privacy? Change your name," remarks, were brought up. Watch inside.

The Google Ad That Steve Jobs Will Hate

Ryan Tate · 09/08/10 03:38PM

Google sure knows how to push Steve Jobs' buttons. This advertisement for Google's new instant search system is bound to get under the Apple CEO's skin — and intensify one of the most heated rivalries in tech.

Google's CEO Has Scary Ideas For Children

Ryan Tate · 08/16/10 03:46PM

Eric Schmidt's apparently trying to become tech's creepiest executive. The Google CEO outlined his dystopian vision of the future, in which children change their names at adulthood to escape damning online dossiers — dossiers of the sort stored by Google.

Google CEO Deters Mistress Tattle Tales

Ryan Tate · 07/20/10 07:00AM

Google CEO Eric Schmidt's venture capital firm describes its investment philosophy as "opportunistic." We're starting to wonder if that refers to the "opportunity" to buy people's silence, judging from how much money is flowing to friends of Schmidt's sometime mistresses.

Google CEO Disses Blogging

Ryan Tate · 04/12/10 12:48PM

Eric Schmidt runs the biggest single blog network in the world, which makes it all the more bizarre that the Google CEO was insulting bloggers at a newspaper conference today. Was it something we said, Eric?

Gmail Overlord Always Deletes His Email

Ryan Tate · 03/30/10 01:10PM

Eric Schmidt's email habits are bizarre, considering his job: The CEO of Google and ultimate overlord of email-hoarding service Gmail deletes every email he receives, unless he's specifically asked to do otherwise. And that's not his only strange habit.

Six Delusions of Google's Arrogant Leaders

Ryan Tate · 03/12/10 10:44AM

Google's CEO went to Abu Dhabi this week and preached. He sermonized about Google's exceptional virtue — its indifference to profit and supreme trustworthiness. His speech should have been shocking. Except that delusional self-righteousness is now routine at Google.