Choire · 07/17/07 04:40PM

Eric Nicholson, former Jane editor and one-time America's Next Top Model judge, has just departed his job as senior editor at Marie Claire. He recently told Jane Pratt's radio show, reprinted in WWD, of his time at Hearst that "Yeah, it's definitely bigger and different. I wouldn't say better. My heart always will be at Jane magazine with you." That might have been the straw that broke the camel's back. According to one version of the story, editor Joanna Coles tossed the trade rag at him and ordered him out of the office. But hold on, drama queens. According to a Hearst spokesperson, he's leaving the magazine for a number of reasons, and any interactions, which were non-dramatic in nature, happened in a private room. We're sure he'll land on his very expensively-clad little feet. And we sure hope he gets all Atoosa for his second act!