Hanna: The Littlest Assassin

Richard Lawson · 12/21/10 11:45AM

Here's a very exciting trailer for Hanna, director Joe Wright's tale of a young girl (Saoirse Ronan) trained by her father (Eric Bana) to be a cold-hearted assassin. She gets caught by Cate Blanchett and then hell really breaks loose.

Carrie Bradshaw Dead at Fifty?

Richard Lawson · 06/29/10 03:33PM

It just might be. A British paper is saying the movie franchise is done. Also today: two actors take on a movie together, some good and bad TV news (mostly bad), some directors find work, and some weird music news.


cityfile · 08/13/09 08:30AM

Gwyneth Paltrow getting into her SUV in the Hamptons ... Calvin Klein walking in the West Village ... Elle Macpherson walking in Tribeca ... Antonio Sabato Jr. leaving his hotel ... Michelle Trachtenberg standing outside her trailer on the set of Gossip Girl, and later posing for photographers with an umbrella ... Jon Hamm leaving ABC Studios ... Eric Bana walking out of the Trump International Hotel with wife Rebecca Gleeson ... Justin Long on the set of Going the Distance ... Rihanna partying at Greenhouse in SoHo... and Ashton Kutcher standing on the set of A Beautiful Life downtown.

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 08/07/09 07:02AM

Twins Charlotte and Samantha Ronson turn 32 today. David Duchovny is turning 49. Charlize Theron is 34. Author and radio personality Garrison Keillor is 67. Conservative political commentator Alan Keyes turns 59. Wayne Knight, the actor best known for playing Newman on Seinfeld, is turning 54. And Jimmy Wales, the co-founder of Wikipedia, is 43 today—at least according to his Wikipedia page. A handful of weekend birthdays—including that of Michael Kors, Chris Cuomo and Dustin Hoffman—follow below.

The Visitors Cometh

Seth Abramovitch · 10/10/08 12:43PM

· Add a plate of hamsters to the crafts services table: Defamer favorite V is making its long awaited return, with a remake in development at ABC from Scott Peters, the creator/EP of The 4400. [Variety] · W. star Josh Brolin is close to signing on as the lead in Jonah Hex, the facially disfigured DC Comics gunslinger, in a movie by the Crank team. Since his recent tasering by overzealous Shreveport law enforcement has left the right side of his face paralyzed already, half the makeup work has already been done! [Variety] · Eric Bana is negotiating to star in a remake of 2004 French heist drama Le Convoyeur, about an armored car heist. [Variety] After the jump: What hunky mystery disease was spotted lunching at The Grill with Seth Rogen?· Seth Rogen will produce and co-star in I'm With Cancer—an autobiographical spec by Will Reiser about his struggles with the disease—promising to do for chemotherapy what Knocked Up did for morning sickness. [THR] · Remember the names Kristy Flores, Paul Iacono, Paul McGill, Naturi Naughton, Kay Panabaker, Kherington Payne, Collins Pennie, Walter Perez and Anna Maria Perez de Tagle. Now forget them, because they're starring in a Fame remake no one is going to give a shit about. [THR]