Supreme Court Rules That Clean Air Is Too Expensive

Gabrielle Bluestone · 06/29/15 10:56AM

The Supreme Court voted Monday that the EPA cannot stop power plants from releasing hazardous chemicals without first proving that the clean air is worth more than the companies would have to spend to stop polluting.

Let's All Pretend to Be CIA Officers Now

Adam Weinstein · 12/17/13 09:51AM

Do you have a job that overworks you? Wish you had more time at home with the kids, or just alone with your thoughts? You should join our elite secret outfit of people who pretend to work for the Central Intelligence Agency to get out of doing their day jobs.

Spilt Milk Actually Kills Fish and Screws Up the Water

John Cook · 01/25/12 01:55PM

Hahaha! Barack Obama made a funny joke in his State of the Union speech last night about how dumb the EPA was for forcing dairy farmers to have containment plans spelling out what to do if their massive milk facilities spring a leak. Stupid EPA! It's just "spilt milk," amirite? Milk is good for you, and you shouldn't cry when you spill it! Except when you spill it in massive amounts. Then it kills fish and threatens the water supply.

Obama Nixes EPA's Proposed Smog Standards

Jim Newell · 09/02/11 12:44PM

President Obama pulled the plug Friday on a long-delayed environmental regulation that would have further limited industrial smog emissions, leaving in place an ozone standard that EPA administrator Lisa Jackson recently described as "legally indefensible."

The Two Roadblocks That Could Shut Down the Government

Jim Newell · 04/07/11 12:12PM

If a government shutdown happens, it'll be because Republicans are demanding policy restrictions in addition to spending cuts before agreeing to fund the government through September. These policy restrictions would target abortion providers and seek to limit the reach of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Hunters, You May Continue to Pump Animals Full of Lead

Adrian Chen · 08/28/10 04:35PM

Bet none of you Liberals had any idea about the most pressing threat to our nation's freedom since Obamacare, did you? The EPA was considering banning lead bullets because it poisoned animals. The ban has been rejected. Freedom, saved!

No One Knows How Deadly Froot Loops Are

Hamilton Nolan · 08/02/10 11:53AM

If you're like me, you may have just *assumed* that if a chemical is being manufactured in large quantities and placed in your breakfast cereal, there would be *some* evidence that it will not kill you. Not true at all!

BP Is Still Making Big Money From US Military Oil Contracts

Jeff Neumann · 07/05/10 03:28PM

Despite tough talk from the White House, BP continues to pull in hundreds of millions of dollars from US military fuel contracts, and at least one new contract has been signed since the Deepwater Horizon rig explosion.