Does Nick Denton wish he were Peter Thiel?

Owen Thomas · 07/11/08 03:20PM

"Thiel makes me sick!" read the note from Gawker Media publisher Nick Denton. His oddly personal declaration was prompted by a brief in the New York Post about former PayPal CEO Peter Thiel's success as a hedge-fund manager. Thiel will make an estimated $500 million this year running Clarium Capital, a hedge fund. (We reported this a few weeks ago, boss.) It hit me hard: Could Denton actually be jealous of Thiel?

More social networks you're not good enough to join

Nicholas Carlson · 11/16/07 07:00PM

You may have heard of ASmallWorld, the social network where, rumor has it, the super-rich plan their baby-eating, wife-swapping debauchery and hunts for endangered species. Or something like that. My coworker Megan McCarthy has an account, so it can't be all that exclusive. It turns out there are more social networks for the elites and for the second time in four months, BusinessWeek has profiled them.