John Travolta: Biggest Environmental Hypocrite

Hamilton Nolan · 05/07/08 11:33AM

According to the results of our poll yesterday, you, our angry readers, believe John Travolta is a worse environmental hypocrite than any other celebrity! This one was a runaway. Travolta got 48% of the vote, crushing second-place hypocrite(s) Brangelina, who only got 18%. Barbra Streisand (17%) was a close third, followed by Madonna (11%), Chris Martin (5%), and Leonardo Dicaprio, who you guys must really have a crush on, at just 2%. From the comments, it appears that Travolta's whole "owning five personal planes and having a runway in my yard" thing really pushed him over the top. A wise choice. [Previously. Results rounded to nearest percentage point.]

Celebrity Babies Save The World!

Hamilton Nolan · 04/17/08 10:35AM

Celebrities and their kids are saving the earth from extinction by doing stuff! We always knew this to be the case. Today it's confirmed by the Daily News' servicey feature telling us how celebrities raise their kids to be "eco-friendly." By recycling them? No silly, by giving them pretentious names and then having their publicists send out a press release every time they buy them a carton of organic juice! Evidence of how low the bar for parenting and environmental self-congratulation has sunk: e-vites, cooking vegetables, and hardwood floors.

Cindy Crawford Will Be The First To Admit That She's No Al Gore

Hamilton Nolan · 04/16/08 11:49AM

Just in time for its annual "Green Issue" (which, once again, is not printed on recycled paper), Vanity Fair gets supermodel—and super mom—Cindy Crawford to take some time out of her busy schedule and write a stilted and comically self-absorbed article to fill you, the reader, in on what Cindy Crawford is doing about "green" things. It's a word which is "on everybody's tongues these days." She's being harassed by her kids about this stuff! "I guess it's part of living in Malibu," she says. Yes, we'll take your word for it.