Will the Entourage Movie Be Epic or Dope? A Data-Focused Investigation

Dayna Evans · 01/05/15 02:56PM

It's barely been three weeks since the trailer for the forthcoming Entourage movie premiered right before our thirsty eyes, but it's already raised many important questions: Will Vinny make the movie? Will Turtle get to fuck female MMA champion Ronda Rousey? Will Ari's heart finally explode from an anger-related spaz attack? But the most essential question of them all has thus far remained unanswered: Will the Entourage movie be epic, or dope? We've done a deep dive on the data to find out.

BOOM YEAH YEAH Entourage Movie Trailer YEAH YEAH

Dayna Evans · 12/23/14 02:15PM

Vincent Chase, you mad dog. You're making the movie? You made the movie. We made the movie, bro. For everyone who has been waiting, here is the trailer for the forthcoming Entourage movie, directed by Doug Ellin. We made the movie.

Real World Star Sues Entourage Over Cartoon Monkey

Richard Lawson · 10/05/11 10:15AM

One-time Real World: Key West star turned bloated MTV Challenge hang-about John Devenanzio, aka Johnny Bananas, is following through on a threat made this summer and suing HBO for privacy violation, defamation, and emotional damage because the show Entourage created a fake cartoon called Johnny's Bananas.

Anderson Cooper Takes a Stumble

Richard Lawson · 09/13/11 04:10PM

Your beloved newsman's new talk show had an inauspicious debut. Also today: Entourage ended well, Hugh Grant is heading to the clouds, and new TV projects are in the works.

Anthony Weiner Asked to Cameo on Entourage

Richard Lawson · 06/17/11 09:49AM

Sex-shamed congressman and budding amateur photographer Anthony Weiner is of course, following his resignation from the House of Representatives yesterday, considering his next move. Well, consider no further, sir! Entourage wants you.

Tina Fey Will Control Your College Destiny

Richard Lawson · 01/11/11 03:42PM

Well, if you're applying to Princeton at least. Also today: Fox's dinosaur show has its launch date, two old friends return to Middle Earth, '90s actors are making good, and a new ABC show sounds bitchy.

Gary Busey Raps With Some Chicks From Entourage

Dan Grappone · 11/10/10 07:00PM

Spike wants you to know they're running episodes from every season of Entourage. This music video gets the word out — which features a few chicks who had bit parts on the show — and, of course, Gary Busey!

This House Will Make You As Cool as the Entourage Boys

Richard Lawson · 10/06/10 10:46AM

Wanna live like a major Hollywood player, with hot babes and cool bros around you all the time (or at least a half-hour each week)? Then buy the Entourage house, where Vince and the boys regularly yuk it up.

Fat People Just Don't Belong On Television

Richard Lawson · 10/04/10 04:10PM

That seems to be the case, anyway, according to a new television show cancellation. Also today: The fourth Bourne movie finds a director, so too does The Hobbit (maybe), and lots and lots of Entourage jokes.

Season Finale of Entourage: Eminem Beats Up Vince

Andrew Throdal · 09/13/10 04:44PM

Entourage's seventh season ended with a bang—with Vince's drug problem intensifying. After he insults some lady friends, Eminem asks him to leave. Then all hell breaks loose. Watch the clip after the jump!

Entourage: Vince And Sasha Argue Their Way Into Bathroom Sex

Angelito Yambao Jr. · 08/30/10 09:50AM

Another argument with Sasha about her upcoming role leads to Vince confessing his love for Sasha, which ultimately ends with Vince carrying her like a caveman into the bathroom for some territory marking. Cue T-Pain song here.

Vince Learns to Never Fall in Love with a Porn Star on Entourage

Angelito Yambao Jr. · 08/23/10 09:45AM

Isn't there a rule about not falling in love with strippers? There's definitely a song about it. Vince, now you know why you shouldn't fall in love with a porn star. Her work day just might include a gang-bang. [NSFW]

Turtle Freaks Out After Seeing a "Shaved Cat"

Angelito Yambao Jr. · 08/09/10 09:50AM

In one of the most entertaining conversations in an otherwise rather bland season of Entourage, Turtle talks to Drama and Vince about his terribly awkward experience after seeing his first 3D "shaved box." Looks like the writers are writing again.

Last Night's Entourage Demonstrates the Perks of Celebrity

Angelito Yambao Jr. · 07/19/10 09:35AM

Entourage has its way of making the viewing audience believe that Hollywood is nothing but sex, drugs, and alcohol. True or not, this game of "Truth or Dare" proves that celebrities get laid way too easily.