Keira Knightley At The Forefront Of Breast Technology

Hamilton Nolan · 02/25/08 05:24PM

Ladies, drop all your skin creams and push up bras and direct injections of fat from baby seals, or whatever it is the quack breast enhancement techniques are these days. All you need for a bigger chest is makeup! "Bosom make-up," to be exact, and which is a phrase we find pleasing. That's how the actress Keira Knightley got her big old boobs when she was in Pirates of the Caribbean. That is some quality journalism, UK Daily Mail. Or if you're not into makeup breasts, you can always have them digitally enhanced, like Knightley did in her US ads for King Arthur. In the educational photos below, which we totally took from the Daily Mail, the unenhanced UK poster is on the left, and the enhanced US poster is on the right. That's why America rules the world.