Joaquin Phoenix Still Weird, Announces Hoax Engagement on Letterman

Jay Hathaway · 12/09/14 11:05AM

Joaquin Phoenix told an elaborate story about yoga last night on the Late Show, wildly acting out a position called "harnessing the hog," which apparently involved his instructor cradling his man-bits with a strap. The punchline: They started dating and are now engaged.

​Watch This Guy Trick His Girlfriend With Fake Marriage Proposals

Lacey Donohue · 11/27/13 11:30PM

How do you propose to someone who knows the question is coming? Step one, at least in 2013, always involves procuring high-end video equipment. But step two includes setting up as many near-proposals as possible, making it seem as though the question could come at any second. And while I might have declared proposal videos over, this one is just charming enough to make me reconsider.