Bernie Bites the Bullet

Gabrielle Bluestone · 07/12/16 11:12AM

Bernie Sanders today endorsed Hillary Clinton, his obligatory words of approval impressively audible through his thin smile.

Tupac Reveals Beverage Preference

Hamilton Nolan · 06/16/16 08:04AM

“Sprite,” the sweet nectar that is sucked from the veins of rappers by advertising industry vampires, has claimed another victim.

The Gawker Endorsement: None of Them

Alex Pareene · 04/19/16 09:36AM

For the first time in the modern primary era, the New York presidential primary election, happening today, is actually important in the races for both the Republican and Democratic nominations. For the conscientious citizen, this is lousy news. You can no longer engage in the beloved New York tradition of just writing in Howard Stern, confident that your vote wouldn’t have mattered anyway.

Hillary Clinton Just Received Her Most Important Endorsement

Jeff Ihaza · 04/06/16 10:20PM

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton often faces criticism for being out of touch with the youth. She doesn’t do a very good job making a case for the opposite, either, opting instead to ruin popular dances for everyone. Still, the former secretary of state just got the best endorsement a candidate hoping to inspire millennials could hope for—Bobby Shmurda.