What Iraqi Suicide Car Bomber?

Maggie · 02/10/08 01:08PM

Nighmare online douchey dater John Fitzgerald Page was just on CNN Headline News. You know, the service that brings you a digest version of the most important news stories on the planet.

'Interview' Editor Sischy Is Out Of The Country, Not Her Job

Maggie · 01/10/08 04:32PM

Cancel those ends of days-Ingrid Sischy isn't leaving Interview, she's just on vacation with Sir Elton John. In South Africa. Naturally! The magazine's executive editor Brad Goldfarb tells us it's a "long-planned" annual trip and that he's been working with Sischy by phone all week. She'll be "back at her desk Monday," he said. Phew! Also, never mind!

Is Jeffrey Chodorow The Antichrist?

Josh · 05/18/07 02:30PM

The best part of today's profile of David Chang in the Times isn't that the reporter notices Pearl Jam playing on the stereo (no big deal, I have a limited edition of Ten!) or the news (unconfirmed) that Chang will be opening a Vegas Momofuku. No, the best part comes from Chang himself. Apropros entrepreneurs, Chang asserts that restaurateur "Jeffrey Chodorow is the antichrist." A quick marshaling of the evidence proves that Chang is factually correct.