NYC's War on Flaming Bars

Hamilton Nolan · 06/14/10 08:31AM

Albert Trummer, co-owner of the Chinatown bar Apotheke, was arrested by fire marshals Sunday for setting liquor aflame on his bar. Flaming bars outlawed in New York? If only there were some humor to be found here. [NYT. Pic via]

Cops Say They Can No Longer Beat People With Impunity

Ravi Somaiya · 04/17/10 11:10AM

The rise of video cameras — surveillance or cellphone — means that loose cannon cops, who won't do things 'by the book' no matter what the chief says can no longer mete out their own brand of vigilante justice. [AP]

Starbucks Releases Its Death Grip

Hamilton Nolan · 04/24/09 10:47AM

For as long as mankind has occupied New York, there have been two Starbucks locations on Astor Place, a block away from each other, which occasioned many predictable remarks. No more! This means everything.

Bush's Very Last Friday Night Newsdump

Pareene · 01/16/09 03:09PM

Aw, we're almost misty-eyed. In an hour, the Bush White House will release a damning report on a Friday afternoon for the very last time.

The Beginning Of The End Of Chimps In Ads

Hamilton Nolan · 11/10/08 05:10PM

Is this the end of monkey ads? The nonprofit Ad Council—which makes all those famous public service ads you see everywhere—has agreed not to use any more "great apes" in its ads. No chimpanzees or orangutans! Not only that, but the CEOs of dozens of major advertisers and ad agencies sit on the Ad Council's board, and PETA is promising to urge all of them to stop with the ape ads, too. Kiss your precious CareerBuilder monkeys goodbye!

Len Downie To Leave The 'Washington Post'?

Rebecca · 03/25/08 04:55PM

Shoe leather reporters get your tissues out. There's word that Len Downie, executive editor of the Washington Post, is going to accept a buy-out. Don't let the hairline fool you: He's old. At 65, he's just five years younger than Ben Bradlee was when he retired from the title. He's also just not that into the whole internet thing, and there's some pressure on the business end for an executive editor who knows how to Google. The buyouts don't start until mid-April, but Downie might have to make an announcement to settle the rumors. FishbowlNY is suggesting Jim Brady, the washingtonpost.com editor, as a replacement, which would make sense if the paper wants to be more webby. Other bandied names for the position: New York Times DC chief Dean Baquet, and Marilyn Thompson—who went back to the Post from the Times over the McCain story debacle.

DC's Moonie 'Times' Gets A Little Less Nutty

Pareene · 02/26/08 01:17PM

The Moonie-owned right-wing-allied Washington Times has changed its editor, and now its styleguide. Some of the seriously loaded code languge is no longer the Times standard! So long "homosexual 'marriage'"! Farewell "illegal aliens"! We thought we'd be in the cold ground before the Washington Times recognized the term "moderate." Alas, times change. White supremacist-sympathetic editors-in-chief get ousted. Times newsroom email, via CQ, after the jump.

'WSJ' To Become 'The Midtown Journal'?

Maggie · 01/28/08 01:45PM

There goes the neighborhood. Rupert Murdoch is planning to move his Wall Street Journal newsroom from the financial district where it's lived for over 100 years to News Corp's headquarters on Sixth Avenue. The Midtown Journal just doesn't have quite the same ring, though. We predict singing rumble sequences in the cafeteria between WSJ staffers and their new Fox and New York Post siblings. Manhattan's newspapers have either died or migrated uptown over the century, choking the neighborhood around Rockefeller Center, but the Journal was a holdout of a bygone era. After the jump, a stroll around New York's former press nucleus.

Longtime 'Interview' Editor Ingrid Sischy Out At Magazine

Maggie · 01/10/08 02:45PM

Is this the end of days? We're hearing that Interview editrix Ingrid Sischy left the title yesterday. She was a downtown publishing fixture, if a minor one, known mainly for her famous friends from an earlier New York era, like Robert Mapplethorpe, Calvin Klein, Elton John and the Versaces. True to the mission of the magazine, she interviewed them at length, often at excessive length. More background, after the jump.

Joshua Stein · 12/20/07 03:15PM

Sophie's, that dive bar on E. 5th Street that never carded and where I once made out drunkenly on the pool table with a woman who, at the time, I was convinced was Catherine Keener but in fact was just this girl who lived on the floor below me in my dorm , is closing in the New Year. Boo! [NYP]