Woman Fired for Having 'Wrong' Hair Color?

Lauri Apple · 07/09/11 06:44PM

Sandra Rawline's had gray hair since she was in her 20s, because of genes 'n' things. For years, her employer didn't seem to mind. But when her company decided to move to fancier digs, Rawline's boss told her to dye her hair to look more "upscale."

Dillard's Fired a Guy for Eating Leftover Hot Dogs

Lauri Apple · 07/09/11 01:30PM

Last Fourth of July, carnivorous dock worker Nolan Koewler got a bit more independence than he bargained for when his employer, Dillard's department store, fired him for eating two hot dogs left over from an employee picnic. Then Dillard's tried to deny him unemployment!