In Email To Staff, Sam Zell Masters The Art Of The Subtextual 'Fuck You'

Maggie · 02/07/08 04:21PM

Does Tribune CEO Sam Zell seem like a rumpled and eccentric batshit kooky homeless dwarfy man to you? Good news! You're an excellent judge of character. In an email tenderly addressed today, as usual, to his "fellow employees," Zell discusses increasing his reported token annual salary by two pennies to 52 cents. Diplomatic hobgoblin that he is, Zell writes: "Do I need a committee, meeting and another consultant to change that policy? Oh, that's right, I'm in charge now. What policy?" We'll give him one thing-saying 'fuck you' to his employees without actually saying 'fuck you' to their faces on camera is an art. Progress! Full e-rant after the jump.