The Best Restaurant in New York Is: The Empire State Building

Caity Weaver · 10/30/14 08:00AM

Rich: Everything leading up to our meal at STATE Grill and Bar at the Empire State Building was so pleasant. The woman who called to confirm our reservation pronounced my last name right with no prompting. The greeting I received upon entering the actual Empire State Building was a jolly “WELCOME TO THE EMPIRE STATE BUILDING!” The hostess at STATE Grill and Bar (not to be confused with the Empire Bar and Grill in both Macedon and Webster, NY) had such kind eyes. It all made me feel like Annie.

The Empire State Building Shooting Was Mostly Perpetrated by Cops

Max Read · 08/24/12 05:28PM

When the first reports of a multiple-casualty shooting outside the Empire State Building came down the line this morning, most of us thought the same thing: not again. Not another senseless tragedy, not another crazy lone gunman, not another mass shooting.

CNN's Ali Velshi Learns How Important the Word 'No' Is

Max Read · 08/24/12 09:47AM

Around 10:15 CNN's Ali Velshi tweeted: "BREAKING: law enforcement source tells CNN there appears to be terrorism connection to the #ESBshooting." This happened several minutes after local New York City outlets reported that the man who opened fire outside the Empire State Building, so the tweet spread like wildfire. And then Velshi deleted it. Why?

Louis Peitzman · 08/18/12 01:30PM

This is why the Empire State Building is glowing green.

Are These Really the Gayest Cities in America?

Brian Moylan · 01/09/12 05:30PM

For the second year The Advocate, a gay website with an impossible to find print component, has published its list of the gayest cities in America. For the second year it is so incredibly wrong that I can barely contain my gay rage.

China Pattern

Brian Moylan · 10/01/09 05:38PM

[The New York skyline took on an interesting shape last night when the Empire State Building was colored red and yellow to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the People's Republic of China. Image via Getty]