Watch Emmy Host Jane Lynch's Cheap Shot at Ricky Gervais

Matt Cherette · 09/18/11 08:17PM

The Jane Lynch-hosted 63rd Annual Emmys are underway in Los Angeles. Early in the broadcast, Ricky Gervais poked fun at his controversial turn as Golden Globes host and introduced the nominees for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy in a pre-recorded, heavily edited video. Lynch then announced the winner on Gervais' behalf, but not before playing armchair psychologist: "Poor little Ricky Gervais. Someone didn't get enough hugs from mommy and somehow it's Hollywood's fault."

Blood on the Carpet: Highlights of Emmys Fashion

Richard Lawson · 09/18/11 07:46PM

TV's most fabulous night is upon us, meaning all the small screen stars have put on their best little outfits and posed for pictures. And here are some of those pictures!

Join Our Virtual Emmys Viewing Party

Brian Moylan · 09/18/11 06:00PM

Hey everyone, why sit there and slog through television's biggest night on your own when you can enjoy it with the wit and humor of a bunch of strangers on the internet! Jump into the conversation about the 63rd Annual Prime Time Emmy Awards here, and we'll make fun of the celebs, celebrate victories, and just generally talk smack about everything until the show is over.

Predicting Sunday Night's Emmy Winners

Richard Lawson · 09/16/11 11:30AM

Emmys! Television's highest honors (after the Peabodys and the TV Guide Awards) will be doled out on Sunday night to an approx. three million lucky TV actors and creators. Who will win? Who should win? Let's take a look!

The 2011 Emmy Nominations Are In

Brian Moylan · 07/14/11 09:09AM

You can't say the Emmy nominations are ever shocking, but there were a few delightful surprises this morning when they were announced. All the usual suspects got nods, but a host of new shows cracked into the competition.

Emmy Nominations That Should Happen But Never Will

Richard Lawson · 07/13/11 02:06PM

This year's Primetime Emmy award nominations will be announced tomorrow, meaning we can finally celebrate television actors. So who will be nominated? Well we kind of already know that. But who should be nominated?

Stephen Colbert Starts an Emmys Feud with Jimmy Fallon

Matt Cherette · 06/01/11 11:21PM

On tonight's Report, Stephen Colbert lamented the fact that he always loses to The Daily Show at the Emmys before giving viewers a peek at all the networks' screener packages. To his dismay, Colbert discovered that NBC was using his image in the screener for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon—so he decided to get some revenge.

MTV Finds Its Next Teenage Prey

Richard Lawson · 05/24/11 04:50PM

The ravenous MTV network, always hungry for sweet teen blood, has found its next victims. Also today: Fox rules and other networks drool, Matthew Modine is rescued from oblivion, and Kevin Costner is headed into it.

The Best (and Worst) Moments of the 2010 Primetime Emmy Awards

Matt Cherette · 08/29/10 10:35PM

The 2010 Emmy Awards are history, and—whether you watched live or not—these are the moments you'll want to remember. From the opener, to the Conan jokes, to the most awkward parts—and more!—video of the best/worst moments is inside.

Ryan Seacrest Wants Jersey Shore to Win an Emmy

Matt Cherette · 08/29/10 05:47PM

Ryan Seacrest just interviewed the Jersey Shore cast via satellite. Many important questions were asked—Does Snooki still drink during the day?!—many awkward moments were had, and Seacrest said that he wants the cast to win an Emmy. Seriously.

Celebrities Are Awful: Gifting Suites Edition

Richard Lawson · 08/26/10 12:49PM

Today celebrities are awful because of awards gifting suites. You know, where millionaires are given extravagant amounts of fancy free shit because they're famous. Well the Emmys are on Sunday and this year the suites are all about charity.