Emmy Rossum Tastefully Discusses her Shameless Nudity

Chris Wyman · 02/25/11 10:40AM

Non-subscribers to Showtime might recognize the clothed version of Rossum from The Day After Tomorrow or Phantom of the Opera. All perviness aside, Shameless may be the first UK-to-US TV remake since The Office to succeed both critically and commercially.

Television Doesn't Need to Be Dirty to Be Good

Brian Moylan · 01/10/11 01:04PM

Showtime's new wacky, raunchy, and "edgy" series, Shameless, debuted last night with lots of boobs, buttocks, and kids doing drugs. Tossing a lot of off-color content together does not a good show make. Here's why.


Maureen O'Connor · 12/23/10 01:22PM

[Emmy Rossum's face registers surprise as a boot levitates into her open palm at the Beverly Hills Barneys. Image via Flynet.]


cityfile · 12/31/09 10:40AM

Emmy Rossum and boyfriend Adam Duritz sitting in the stands at last night's Rangers game ... Brad Pitt leaving the Waldorf Astoria with son Pax, and later playing games at Dave & Busters in Times Square ... Angelina Jolie arriving on the set of Salt at Pier 66 ... Catherine Zeta-Jones walking out of her apartment building on Central Park West ... and Sarah Jessica Parker heading to Lincoln Center with son James for a matinee performance of The Nutcracker.


cityfile · 12/21/09 10:03AM

Emmy Rossum and Adam Duritz hanging out in Washington Square Park on Saturday ... Leighton Meester and Sebastian Stan kissing in the street in front of Five Points ... Hugh Jackman playing in the snow with his kids as Cate Blanchett's sons played nearby ... Rachel McAdams walking with Jude Law's assistant, Ben Jackson ... Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick walking home from a play ... Ed Westwick shopping at Armani Exchange ... Sienna Miller walking downtown ... Catherine Zeta-Jones leaving the Walter Kerr Theater on West 48th Street ... Howard Stern and wife Beth Ostrosky watching a Knicks game at Madison Square Garden ... Amanda Seyfried walking her dog in the meatpacking district ... Britney Spears and boyfriend Jason Trawick arriving at JFK ... and Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Lance Bass taking a stroll in the meatpacking district.

Body Language: Will They Last?

Gabriel Snyder · 12/10/09 02:15PM

Among the celebrity weeklies' many scientific contributions, none is more entertaining than the "body language expert" who can divine deep interpersonal details from one single photograph. Let's apply this rigorous method to New York City's romantic royalty.

Body Language: Will They Last?

cityfile · 12/09/09 01:33PM

In the world of celebrities, socialites, and reality stars, relationships are more often "blink-and-you'll-miss-it" than "long-term." That's to be expected, of course. Think of all the temptations when countless other beautiful people are around! To size up the potential of a handful of newer and more high-profile couples on the New York City scene, we turned to Patti Wood, the "Babe Ruth of body language experts" who has evaluated unspoken signals for hundreds of media outlets over the years. Join us below as Wood breaks down which twosomes are destined for eternal bliss—and which are bound for a break-up.

Cindy Crawford Extorted; A Twitter Love Connection

cityfile · 11/13/09 07:29AM

• In what may be the weirdest celebrity extortion attempt ever, a German male model named Edis Kayalar has been arrested for trying to blackmail Cindy Crawford and her husband Rande Gerber with a "sexy" photo of the couple's then 7-year-old daughter "in revealing clothing, bound to a chair and gagged." Apparently, the pic had been taking by the girl's former babysitter during an innocent game of cops and robbers and she used to date Kayalar. [NYDN, People]
• All those phone calls that Michael Lohan recorded may ultimately land him in jail (again). A 2005 protective order obtained by Dina Lohan banned him from communicating with her by email or phone until 2011. [TMZ]
• Spend enough time on Twitter and you, too, may find yourself dating a beautiful young starlet! Emmy Rossum says her relationship with Counting Crows singer Adam Duritz "began with a Tweet," believe it or not. [People]


cityfile · 10/26/09 08:15AM

Natalie Portman looking for a cab after having lunch at DGBG on Saturday ... Jake Gyllenhaal shopping with his dad in the East Village ... Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts pushing their kids in a stroller ... Gisele Bundchen walking to lunch in the Village, and later leaving at Whole Foods after doing some grocery shopping ... Anne Hathaway and Adam Shulman walking downtown ... Lindsay Lohan shopping ... Emmy Rossum talking on her phone in the meatpacking district ... Mary Louise Parker chatting with a man on East Houston ... Jessica Szohr shopping in SoHo ... and Hugh Jackman walking in the West Village with daughter Ava.

Jon and Kate's Children Officially H8 Them

Foster Kamer · 10/10/09 10:00AM

Jon and Kate Gosselin completely suck at life. Michael Jackson was weird on The Simpsons. Weird! Weirdos will get off on Marge Simpson in Playboy. Carrey Mulligan? Emmy Rossum! Pervy Dr. Phil, many more. Presenting your Saturday Morning Gossip Roundup:

Lindsay Lohan Is Just Misunderstood

cityfile · 10/09/09 06:01AM

• Dina Lohan, America's No. 1 mom and the face of a new line of shoes, is defending Lindsay against her dad's accusation that the actress is addicted to drugs and desperately needs an intervention. ("I have no idea what he is talking about," Dina says.) She also stood up for LiLo's fashion design skills, even after her debut as Emanuel Ungaro's "artistic adviser" was savaged by the press earlier this week: "The critics can say whatever they want, but Lindsay is a genius," she said. [P6, NYDN, Radar]
• Mischa Barton reportedly "had a drink in hand all night" on the LES on Wednesday, where she was seen buying shots for Young Veins' frontman Ryan Ross. Where's Michael Lohan when you need him? [NYDN]
• Meanwhile, model Agyness Deyn is reportedly laying off the booze in solidarity with her boyfriend, Albert Hammond Jr., who is in rehab. [P6]

Claire Danes Gets Hitched; Emmy Rossum Gets Divorced

cityfile · 09/29/09 06:07AM

Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy got married in a quiet ceremony in France a few weeks ago. Sneaky! [Life & Style]
• Emmy Rossum's husband, music exec Justin Siegel, has filed for divorce. (Their 2008 secret marriage was only discovered when the couple was reported to have split up in August.) Naturally, Siegel is asking Rossum to pay for the divorce and he's seeking spousal support, too. [TMZ, Us]
• Yet another book is coming out alleging that Bill Clinton did inappropriate things. In her new book Government Girl: Young and Female in the White House, Stacy Parker Aab claims Clinton groped her in a hotel room in 2000 and his pal Vernon Jordan tried to kiss her twice. Good thing the poor girl got this all off her cheat a mere nine years after the fact. [NYDN]

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 09/11/09 07:08AM

CNBC's one-time "money honey," Maria Bartiromo, turns 42 today. Moby is turning 44. Marie-Josée Kravis, the wife of billionaire Henry Kravis, is 60. The rapper Ludacris is 32. Brokerage founder Muriel Siebert is 77. Hedge funder David Tepper is turning 52. Political operative Bill Cunningham is 59. Singer Harry Connick Jr. turns 42. Director Brian De Palma is turning 68. Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas is 38. Actress Taraji P. Henson turns 39. And hockey player Mike Comrie, who may be better known for being Hilary Duff's boyfriend, is turning 29. Weekend birthdays after the jump.

Today's Celebrity News Reminds Us Why Paul Newman Was a Drunk

Richard Lawson · 04/18/09 11:00AM

Today I'm mad at everything. Paul Newman's a drunk, Jennifer Garner's old, Andy Roddick's married, Emmy Rossum is a complete idiot, and Sarah Palin apparently had people "managing" her snow machine accident of a campaign.