Doree Shafrir · 06/08/07 04:00PM

The Hills über-intern Emily Weiss has landed a job as a fashion assistant at W, sources tell us. But did Whitney ever get the job at Teen Vogue?

Lauren Conrad: Intern, Fashion Designer

Doree Shafrir · 03/06/07 04:12PM

Oh, we knew reality TV semi-star Lauren Conrad wouldn't let that New York intern Emily Weiss get her down! (When Emily showed up on an episode of The Hills at the Teen Vogue offices, she was totally all like super-intern, and LC got jealous and rolled her eyes at her.) Today comes the news that Lauren is starting her very own clothing line. Just like Mary-Kate! After all, the press release informs us that "her fashion has inspired a generation of young viewers with its California chic look of flirty dresses and trendy tops usually complemented with a signature headband." Yes, we've seen that look before; we usually call it "heinous." Even more confusingly, the line will premiere not in stores, but online, tonight, in the "Virtual Hills." Because the "real" Hills is, you know, real.

Emily Weiss, 'Teen Vogue' Golden Child

Doree Shafrir · 02/15/07 02:37PM

Emily Weiss, the Teen Vogue intern and NYU student who made a guest appearance on Monday night's episode of The Hills, seems to be one of those people anointed as special at a young age. She's the pretty one, but she's also the smart one, and the stylish one, and the hard-working one, and she gets the Teen Vogue internship and the Chanel internship! Bitch. Then again, she's also given to quotes like: "If you throw on some rugged accessories, you can get away wearing pink velvet or sequins to class—at least in New York." Righty-o! Anyway, a kindly reader scanned in the first page of Emily's spread in the Dec. 2005/Jan. 2006 Teen Vogue, from whence we ganked that quote. Peruse, and ask yourself why you weren't to the Wilton, CT manor born.