Pataki Daughter to Tackle NYC's Slavery Problem

cityfile · 01/08/10 11:32AM

Emily Pataki had some trouble passing the bar exam a couple of years ago and she's been working as an unpaid intern at a law firm until recently, but that didn't stop the Bloomberg administration from handing the daughter of New York's former governor a job in his administration. So what's she going to be doing over there? According to the mayor's spokesman, she'll be working on "human trafficking issues." Reassuring! [NYP]

Emily Pataki Not As Dense As JFK Jr.

Doree Shafrir · 05/10/07 11:47AM

Ex-Governor Pataki can breathe a sigh of relief now that his daughter Emily has passed the bar exam on her second try. (Apparently these results came out last week, and we weren't, you know, scanning all the bar results diligently.) Congratulations to Emily; we expect that an email to your co-workers should be forthcoming?