Emily Brill's Madonna Video Is 40 Minutes Long

Ryan Tate · 04/28/08 08:54PM

Reading socialite Emily Brill's blog feels a lot like being her free therapist. One minute she declares her love for you, another she's lashing out. You listen to her narcissistic hyperbole, her daddy issues, her body issues. And, tonight, you watch a 40-minute music video set to the Madonna song "Ray of Light," with Brill belting out the lyrics herself, and read about how "This is a video about resurrection. Or maybe even feeling fully alive for the first time." The video, like Brill's other moments, is as hard to look away from as it is tedious, particularly if you've never been a media mogul's disaffected daughter. The actual moving pictures part runs roughly six minutes; the rest of the video is silence interspersed with Brill and Madonna singing, sort of a hidden track for the YouTube era, I guess. Watch it after the jump.

Emily Brill to Dad: Internet Notoriety Is a Job!

Rebecca · 04/23/08 02:18PM

Today on Essentially Emily, Emily Brill asserts that Nick Denton is not the only reason why people bother to read Essentially Emily. No, they care about the pseudo socialite who is "friends" with Kristian Laliberte because of her dad, former media tycoon and current airport security specialist Steve Brill, and not because Gawker occasionally highlights her wit and wisdom. Emily claims, "Nick's greatest fantasy, indeed, would have been a public feud with Steven Brill over his humiliated daughter." I've been to Nick's apartment, and his fantasies have nothing to do with Steve Brill.

Emily Brill, Ex-Fattie: "I Do Feel Like a Cancer Survivor"

Rebecca · 04/18/08 02:16PM

Here's a heartwarming adage from my grandmother: "You can never be too rich or too thin." (Can't wait to see you this weekend, Safta! Yes, I'm laying off the matzo.) Emily Brill has always been rich, but hasn't always been thin. In fact, she was once chubby in a spoiled 10 year-old kind of way, which makes sense because she is the daughter of media millionaire Steve Brill, so she probably got to eat allll the candy she wanted to. But now Emily is thin. And on her blog, she announced that she'll do whatever it takes to stay that way.

A Field Guide to 2008's Six Douchiest Cliques

Noelle · 04/09/08 01:30PM

Style.com wants to tell you who the cool kids are. They've compiled a field guide to "2008's Coolest Cliques" using the following six dubious categories: The New (New) Bohemian, The European Union, The Swans 2.0, The Catwalk Queens and The New Kids on the Blog. Julia Allison is mentioned three times! The whole thing is rather irritatingly in ad-maximizing slideshow form and the commentary is anodyne, so here's a condensed and snarkier version. Buckle in, kids. We'll get through this together.

Emily Brill's Blog Makeover

Sheila · 04/03/08 03:19PM

Finally! The socialite-turned-blogger (and daughter of publishing magnate Steven Brill), has given her Confessions of a 5th Avenue Misfit website a pink-and-white makeover. (Pink is also Tinsley Mortimer's favorite color, you know.) The previous wonky design and weird picture of a city sunset simply had to go, just like last season's Gucci. Now she can even blog remotely — like from the Beatrice Inn, where she seems to spend most of her time. And, awww — she even includes us in her blogroll! Click to see.

Emily Brill Was Brown's "PgeSixGrl"

Sheila · 04/01/08 01:11PM

College! It's a time of self-expression and experimentation, especially if you're born idly rich. What's worse than jokingly calling yourself, say, the Duchess of Harvard? A former college chum of socialite Emily Brill tell us that the license plate on her Lexus SUV read, "PgeSixGrl." Perfect for tooling around the littlest Ivy, Brown. (The rest of the Brill fam attended Yale.) Page Six, indeed! Brill currently has designs on new media, as evidenced by her blog ambition, and we're guessing that her dad, publishing mogul Steven Brill, doesn't understand her. He doesn't even know what a Fendi baguette is!

A Twee Pose In Brooklyn

Richard Lawson · 03/31/08 10:58AM

[Liam McMullan, son of photographer Patrick, parties this weekend while wearing aspiring socialite Emily Brill's sunglasses. Brill said of the party: "I thoroughly enjoy parties during which people a) actually dance and b) wear sunglasses at night and c) know that there isn't someone skulking around from Gawker or the Observer." Image via Brill's blog]

Let's Blog!

Nick Denton · 03/20/08 10:41AM

It was cringeworthy enough when pundit-turned-blogger Arianna Huffington began talking about her cronies submitting a "blog" as if the word referred to an individual post, rather than an entire site. Now another web newbie, Steven Brill's socialite daughter, is mangling the lingo. Emily Brill ran into absurd socialgay Kristian Laliberte at Bloomingdale's menswear department last night. She summoned the fashion publicist over for a photo. "Okay Kristian, get over here. Let's blog." (Laliberte's desire to promote his label, Unruly Heir, must have trumped the embarrassment of such a hanger-on.)

hwalker · 03/16/08 05:00PM

Emily Brill is super sorry she posted Hud Morgan's pissy voicemail on the internet last Monday. The self-promoting socialite says her video of Hud's vaguely threatening call defending his relationship with seventeen year-old Leven Rambin isn't the type of "content I am interested in pursuing as a journalist and goes against the high standards of journalistic integrity I have always tried to hold myself to." Clearly, she's ridiculous and her delusions of being a "journalist" are laughable. On the other hand, I'm posting about this, so I obviously have lower "journalistic" standards then some socialite's blog. Whatever. Emily may talk a good game, but she's not taking the clip off her site. She's going to keep it online because of some nonsense about how "this blog has to represent an honest evolution of me." Hey, Emily. If you're going to be an asshole on the internet, you should at least be real with yourself about it. Trust me, I know about this stuff.

The Greatest Reality Show That Never Was

Nick Denton · 03/13/08 03:54PM

It's so disappointing that Emily Brill and Kristian Laliberte (second from right and second from left, respectively) won't be appearing together after all in the planned Manhattan version of The Hills: the two empty socialites are already stabbing each other in the back like reality television pros. Brill, the publishing heiress, says she dropped out of Stick Figure Production's show because she wanted respect. "My writing is my priority. Not fame, not parties, not glamour. No short cuts. I'm going to earn respect through good, err, excellent writing." That's an option unavailable to her supposed friend, language-mangling fashion publicist Laliberte, who remains involved with the horrific reality show, according to Brill. But that's not the end of the story.

More Threats From Leven Rambin's Pissy Boyfriend

Ryan Tate · 03/11/08 03:41AM

All My Children star Leven Rambin is apparently still dating thin-skinned Men's Vogue writer Hud Morgan, reports to the contrary notwithstanding. And Hud is still trying to threaten anyone who raises questions about his relationship with the 17 year old starlet, albeit in the manner of a fruitini-drinking water polo ogler. His latest stunt was a middle-of-the-night call to dandy magazine designer Gregory Littley, who runs in the same circles as Rambin and apparently aired some healthy "skepticism" about her relationship with older man Morgan. Morgan suggested that Littley air his grievances face to face and came off sounding like he meant that as some kind of threat, albeit a barely credible one. Of course the whole call ended up on the internet, courtesy of Littley friend Emily Brill, the bloggy socialite. But maybe that was the idea. Morgan made the call from Rambin's phone and was sure to say so in his voice mail, thus helping spread the word that, no matter who else Rambin may or may not have recently made out with, she still belongs to Morgan. Video of Morgan's call, and Littley's reaction, after the jump.

The Brill Show

Nick Denton · 02/28/08 05:53PM

Emily Brill, the publishing magnate's daughter, denies anything is in the works. But a tipster claims the party-hopping blogger is involved in a reality show along the lines of Rich Girls, the MTV show in which young socialites whine about Fendi bags and their philanthropic efforts. "These people make you realize why the terrorists want to bomb us," says the source. Whom to believe? Tell us.

Emily Brill's "Trust Fund Sluts" Porn Connection

Ryan Tate · 02/21/08 09:52PM

Socialite media upstart Emily Brill has a big secret project in the works, and she's not sure how she feels about it, writing that the "hush hush" endeavor was "a very tough decision... it took every bit of strength I had." Could it have something to do with the debutant porn producer she's been hanging around with?

Emily Brill Savvy Enough To Throw Some Drunken Groping Into Her Writing

Ryan Tate · 02/11/08 07:34AM

Emily Brill's amazing adventure in self-publishing and restarting her life has begun! The disaffected daughter of niche media mogul Steven Brill posted no fewer than four articles to her website over the weekend. The reports were long on events and socialite sightings and short on both pictures and some of the racier content she promised in her debut post: "intimate dinners with George Clooney," "exotic trips," "the Ritalin." But the aspiring social diarist does appear to be slowly learning the the basics of socialite reporting, starting with bring something to write things down on. Also, ask questions. Also, remember to take lots of pictures. Most importantly, definitely include anything that happened while drunk, including getting felt up.

Everyone Who's Touched A Celebrity Is Now Famous

Nick Douglas · 02/07/08 06:50PM

It's Fameball season. Blogger Erin Horgan is now "famous" for taking photos of John Mayer in a Borat thong. When the singer-songwriter pranced around in front of a crowd on a cruise ship wearing the neon green shoulder-strap swimsuit, totally to his surprise someone blogged it. Normally the story ends with "blogger sells photos to gossip magazine," but Horgan kept blogging about the attention her photos were getting, enough to interest the Cape Cod Times. Now getting a video interview (embedded after the jump omg click) on the windswept-white-people broadsheet's web site doesn't constitute fame, I know, but then gossip blog Just Jared ran a post made of exclamation marks about said interview, and now my editor is making me write about it here, so Erin Horgan is rolling up a little fameball.

Emily Brill's Content

Nick Denton · 02/05/08 04:04PM

When Gawker nastily republished swimsuit shots of Emily Brill, daughter of the publishing magnate, several readers objected. Just because she's a spoiled rich girl, she's not a target, you said. Emily Brill (right) had done nothing, beyond displaying a newly svelte figure on her Facebook profile, to call media attention to herself. But think of that introductory post as a self-fulfilling prophecy that Steven Brill's ambitious daughter would become a public figure.

Emily Brill Writes In About Her New Start Away From Dad

Ryan Tate · 02/01/08 06:48AM

Emily Brill, daughter of publisher Steven Brill, wants everyone to know she is not spoiled or benefitting from her parents' wealth, despite her recent yacht trip to St. Barth's. In fact, while chatting with a hot cockswain in the Caribbean shallows, she decided "my parents are out" and she's going to basically blog for a living, including about her "intimate meals with George Clooney," "exotic trips," "the Ritalin," and the "Manhattan event circuit." She's quit her job for NBC Universal in 30 Rock. And no one had to peek in her Facebook profile to find out — Brill wrote it up on her new website and emailed us twice about it in the course of an hour. After the jump, Emily Brill's Virgin Islands transformation, her alienation from her family and how she's "striking back."

The difference between Facebook and MySpace

Owen Thomas · 01/17/08 09:00AM

Can anyone explain this to me? No one said a word when I revealed personal details from the MySpace profile of Megan Ellison, the bisexual, hard-drinking daughter of Oracle CEO Larry Ellison, a month ago. Yet we're fussed over Emily Brill, Steve Brill's daughter, simply because the juicy bits about her came off of Facebook. In Silicon Valley and Manhattan, admitting to a MySpace page is shameful. A Facebook profile? De rigueur. MySpace continues to dominate social networking, soundly beating Facebook in traffic. Yet Facebook still holds a special place in the hearts of the media and tech elite. Why?